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  1. Its not so much about cheap labor but cheap qualified labor and the UK wants to compete to offer cheap qualified labor. Skilled and highly skilled labor on mediocre wages and conditions. Are the skilled and highly skilled going to submit to it ?, they are intelligent, they have studied and worked hard over many years to gain the qualifications and experiance, will they accept it?
  2. What do they mean by flexible? Turn up at the factory gates and hope you get picked out for a days work like the old days? And thats modernisation is it?
  3. What I understand Portillo to be saying is that the Tories wont cut public spending, the IMF will.
  4. Yes and they get around the minimum wage by getting people to work 45-50 hours and paying them for 37. And they prefer employing immigrants who cant speak english and are too afraid to complain in case the employer calls the in the immigration police.
  5. What are unions? they are only working people organising collectively in an attempt to protect themselves. Working people stopped doing this, they became atomised, selfish and individualistic. Their world is their house and garden. Use words like community and solidarity and they will laugh in your face.
  6. What you have to realise is that if you are made unemployed and have trouble finding a job, its not your fault, its the system. Mental depression is a consequence of the system, it is perfectly normal to be depressed in this situation, in fact if you are not depressed then you must be seriously deluded.
  7. One of the lies we was sold when we joined the EU was flexicurity. Employers would provide plenty of jobs and job security and in return workers would be flexible. But there was only plenty of jobs because a super boom was created, now we are in the bust phase there are few jobs and what jobs there are, are casualized, part time Mcjobs. Look at this report out today, the CBI are showing what the employers are working towards. A small core workforce of managers who get good pay, pensions, private healthcare etc and the rest i.e. the workers get poor wages, no benefits like pensions, not paid for holidays or if they are sick, no job security etc. A 2 tier workforce. CBI sees recession as catalyst for change
  8. This was always the plan. To drive wages down and cut work benefits like pensions whilst shifting the tax burden to working people through pay PAYE. A boom in house prices and cheap credit obscured what was really happening but now the trap has been sprung and cheap credit has stopped and house prices will fall back to normal. It was a consequence of following neo liberal policies and globalization that wages and conditions of working people in the UK and USA had to be cut drastically in order to compete with workers in China and India. If the general population had been told up front or while it was happening then there would have been mass resistance in the form of strikes and social unrest so we were deliberately deceived. The majority of people wont even understand what has happened or why, they will just experience being made redundant or having their house repossessed and that there arent any good jobs about and the only jobs available are casualized part time jobs.
  9. There will be some men pretending to be well off taking adavantage of the situation. I know I would if I were single. Some expensive clothes and a fancy car and a lot of ******** and the worlds your oyster.
  10. So we will have an increasing number of women divorcing and out looking for an decreasing number of well off men. Good luck. I will hazard a guess a lot of these women will end up very lonely and bitter.
  11. This is the crux of the situation. Wages and conditions have been kept down since Reagan and Thatcher. The 1984/85 miners strike was the significant event. A battle between Capital v Labor and Capital won which was followed by the big bang deregulation of the City. The profits made in the economy are not showing up in the wages of working people they are being channeled and siphoned off in the City. What has happened by bailing out the bankers with taxpayers money has been to recover this relationship whereby wealth created by working people continues to go to bankers in the City so dont expect any pay rises. If wages are going anywhere they are going down because bankers still expect their bonuses even if the economy is in recession.
  12. These ******* need putting out of their misery with a bolt gun.
  13. I saw Chris Wood live earlier in the year and I think he is extraordinarily gifted. Listen to Summerfield Avenue and The Cottagers Reply when you get the chance.
  14. So when one of the underclass commits a crime like theft in order to survive, they are low life scum and aught to be put in prison and throw away the key but when a middle class person commits a crime like theft we are meant to feel sorry for them for them for being deprived of life's luxuries?
  15. The anglo american neo liberal capitalist system has created an underclass in both countries and its going to get much worse during the recession. Neighborhood Threat Down where your paint is cracking Look down your backstairs buddy Somebody's living there and He don't really feel the weather And he don't share your pleasures No he don't share your pleasures Did you see his eyes? Did you see his crazy eyes? And you're so surprised He doesn't run to Catch your ash Everybody always Wants to kiss your trash And you can't help him No one can And now that he knows There's nothing to get Will you still place your bet Against the neighborhood threat Somewhere a baby's feeding Somewhere a mother's needing Outside her boy is trying But mostly he is crying Did you see his eyes? Did you see his cray eyes? And you're so surprised He doesn't run to Catch your ash Everybody always Wants to kiss your trash But you can't help him No one can And now that he knows There's nothing to get Not in this place Not in your face Will you still place your bet Against the neighborhood threat Now that he knows There's nothing to get Nothing to get Not in this place Not in your face Will you still place your bet Against the neighborhood threat
  16. Or you could look at it for every person that a business lays off due to efficiency savings, cost cutting, automation etc has to be supported by thoses that are still in work. So for example the post office workers, Royal Mail gets privatized and they bring in modern machinery. They make thousands redundant who go on welfare because there are no other jobs available and those workers remaining have the pay and conditions cut so that they have to claim working tax credits in order to make up thier money to a living wage. All have to paid out of the taxes of those who remain in work.
  17. Rents coming in from council houses was a very welcome income stream for the council. They could build more houses and generate a bigger income stream. Those houses paid for themselves many times over.
  18. Welfare is there for those that genuinely cant work or genuinely cant find work. But can the Capitalist system provide work for all those that need it? My argument is no it cant so thats why the scope for welfare benefits has been expanded to cover for all those that could work but where there are no jobs available. I know over the last 10 years there has been work for those on benefit and they didnt take it but the last 10 years have been an aberration because of the super boom.
  19. The underclass has been created by the neo liberal capitalist system. A large minority for which the system does not work for them.
  20. People on welfare dont vote and if they did get politicized at all it would be more than likely be in favor of the BNP. And I think you would be suprised how many Tories there are that work in public services.
  21. It isnt Socialism thats caused this mess. Its neo liberal Capitalism that the UK and USA have been following since Thatcher and Reagan.
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