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  1. In spite of capitalism more like. The situation has improved due mainly to the trade union and labour movement and some reformers who had to struggle every inch of the way. When the act that was proposed to cut working hours down for children to 12 hours, factory owners said no, no , no that will never do, how will we ever make any money? If it wasnt for the working class struggle we would still be living like this. In fact its because we refuse to live like this big business has said OK then we will find someone who will, and its exactly what they have done by moving there business were kids do work 12+ hours a day for 50p.
  2. I think everyone deserves a decent standard of living. You dont have to go back far in this country say over 100 years ago, when working people were treated worse than animals. Dragging starving 7+ year old kids out of bed in the middle of the night to do 12+ hour shifts in a factory or mine. The fact is working people have struggled and fought tooth and claw to get better working conditions to the level we take for granted today. Which with a stroke of the pen is wiped out when big business decide to employ cheap labour from oppressed countries that have no working rights and can justify it by giving it a fancy name - globalisation of production. We should be aiming to raise the standard of living in places like the Philippines to ours, not be forced by big business to lower ours. The question to ask is who benefits?, the already wealthy minority. They are literaly stealing the food from peoples mouths. The capitalist vile maxim " all for yourself, and nothing for anyone else", still holds true today as it always has.
  3. quote from Frans de Waal primatologist from his book Our Inner Ape "The point is we decend not from sharks, which fightover every scrap, but from highly social mammals that know trust, loyalty and solidarity. Instead of leaving the unfortunate behind, they will slow down for them and lick their wounds". The opposite view to that of early capitalists who profess that early man was greedy and selfish which was really just based on their own nature.
  4. I think the issue of pay with nurses is part of a wider problem that what you have in this country and the U.S. is what amounts to a class war. Big business and the state does not want to pay to keep the pampered western worker in his luxurious lifestyle. Much better to get oppressed cheap labour from third world countries, either bring them over here or move jobs to over there. That is why they have been doing there best to crush labour unions since the 1930`s. Privatization is not a cure all for all problems, it is crazy when you think that they have privatised land and water, they will privatise the air next, oh sorry they already have with the airlanes for air traffic. Free market and market forces only apply to the working class and the poor, big business gets plenty of protection and public subsidies. Where does that leave the working class (by that I mean whoever has to work for a wage), up shit creak without a paddle unless they do something about it. I worry that if I lost my job in a recession I couldnt even take a shit job to tide me over as I wouldnt be able to afford to work for £3.50 an hour as imported cheap labour could, or if I did my lifestyle would have to drop to third world levels. Which of course big business would love. The wealthy minority that would actually benefit from all this of course all live in their own little worlds out in the countryside or abroad, so they dont have to look at the mess they have made.
  5. Does this make sense? During this period Q3 2004 and Q4 2005, estate agents were still valueing houses as if they were going up at the same high rate as previous years, totally ignoring the fact that the volume of sales were right down. Pretending all is well in the world. So those people that bought didnt realise it was a buyers market yet and paid over the odds. Nowadays the few buyers that are now out there, realise it is a buyers market and will expect to pay much less than asking price, therefore lowering prices. However this report will look like prices are still rising and so influence them to pay asking price, oh b*ll*x, you cant fricken win whatever you do. However a terraced house near me just came back on the market after 6 months at asking price of 3.5 grand less. "You say one thing, he says another and then you both change around. Your tearing me apart". James Dean - Rebel without a cause.
  6. Good points. Evolution shows that the driving force of all species is to survive and reproduce. How is that achieved in todays societies consisting of millions of people, will a dog eat dog system work. If mankind blows itself up in a nuclear war, and the only survivng species are cockroaches. Is that survival of the fittest?
  7. 'what could be more rewarding than saving a life?' Making money of course. Funny I was just reading an article about the argument against socialism because of human nature, and one example given of selfless behaviour was that of the men and women who man the lifeboat service are largely volunteers, risking their lives to save others – not for financial gain. The fact that people still spend their time and risk their lives for complete stangers, for no money in a society that does not appreciate what they do - kind of negates the humans are naturally selfish argument. For me anyway.
  8. I am not sure what types of house people are renting out there, the one we chose is quite nice, in fact if it wasnt I wouldnt have chose to live in it. If after six months you dont like it you can easily move to somewhere better. It is going to be as clean as you keep it, whether buying or renting. The important thing is not the house, it is the relationships within the family as a whole. The cause of many family problems and splits are due to financial problems, like getting into big debt, like when people try to live lifestyles they cant support, like when they buy big fancy houses trying to keep up with the joneses.
  9. I have been renting for 2 months with wife and kids, we STR. We are all very happy where we are, it is a much bigger house and costs much less than if we were buying. I dont understand people who have a problem with it. A house is only bricks and mortar whether you feel better in a house you are buying as oppossed to renting is all in the mind. You are no more secure, if you miss a few payments your mortgage provider will be making moves to get you out. I am hearing more and more about people losing jobs in my area, friends and neighbours and in the local paper last night a major local company Weetabix said they are having to lay people off. If I happened to lose my job I can easily up and move to where the work is. Something you cant easily do in a recession if you are an owner. I wonder how easy the ex rover workers in Birmingham are finding it to sell their houses to move out of the area to find work, not very I would imagine. Even with the recent news of house price rises, I dont feel moved to buy. It is probably just a blip on the way down. I will sit tight and wait and see, and living quite happily in the meantime.
  10. And in so doing, distancing themselves from the onsuing fallout. I can hear them now! "Don't blame me, i`m just a television presenter"
  11. Did I hear right, Kirsty being interviewed about the introduction of seller packs. "This will not help an already troubled market" I feel strangely aroused!
  12. You would still get economic growth, but the profits would not be channelled to the people who already have plenty of it already. Which is what really worries the conservatives. What Thatcher told us what would happen to profits in the 80`s that it would go to the rich and trickle down, well suprise suprise, it didnt trickle down much. And what about her son, fruit doesnt fall far from the tree does it, all a bunch of crooks.
  13. I agree I found the following piece from a book called the ragged trousered philanthropists which while written nearly 100 years ago is relevant to housing today. `Under existing circumstances the community is degenerating mentally and physically because the majority cannot afford to have decent houses to live in. Socialists say that the community should take in hand the business of providing proper houses for all its members, that the State should be the only landlord, that all the land and all the houses should belong to the whole people...
  14. My basic values are truth, freedom, fairness and social justice therefore socialism is the obvious choice for me. If I have my doubts that I am stupid or naive I only have to look at the world around me today which is mostly a capitalist one and look at the war, poverty, terrorism, greed and inequality. How can anybody justify people like Bill Gates and the money they have when there are people in the world dying for want of a slice of bread. I am 40 years old and looking at the third recession in my lifetime. I just hope I can keep in a job this time. You only have to look in the history books over the last 150 years and see how badly treated working class people were/are under capitalism and how every slight improvement in working conditions had to be fought for, and how they have been gradually eroded away over the last 20 years. So I dont think I will be voting Conservative any time soon.
  15. http://moneycentral.msn.com/content/Bankin...ide/P132998.asp
  16. If it wasnt for the unions your kids would still be working 12 hour shifts in some factory for a pittance, come to think of it, they still do in some countries today! not your kids so not to worry!
  17. I am that cat! Not really but I am a genuine STR.
  18. My first post, have been lured out after lurking for several months. I STR 3 months ago with wife and kids, we had to move up to a bigger place and decided to sit out and see what happens to the market, I think its going to fall like a lead balloon. The house we just sold we bought in 1991 so have experianced first hand house price crashes and negative equity. Anyway just wanted to make myself known as I will be adding my two pennith in future.
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