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  1. Some of these Universities were in trouble anyway. Does anyone remember which ones?
  2. The only cuts I want to see are the bankers throats being cut.
  3. The working classes who the Labour party are supposed to represent are expected to take the brunt of the cuts. No wonder they dont want to focus the election campaign around their core vote. They cant win with just the core vote but they definitely cant win without them.
  4. Britain is going to face the toughest cuts for 20 years? Britain? You mean the working classes are going to face the toughest cuts in 20 years so the bankers can still get their bonuses.
  5. Many employers now dont take on people directly, if you ask they will say there are no vacancies. They use workers from employment agencies. If you go to an employment agency they might take your details but they dont really want british workers, not for unskilled graft work because they have more than enough Eastern European workers on their books who will work hard for low wages. Even the employment agencies are struggling to stay in business nowadays. As far us I understand if a person is unemployed they get job seekers allowance and they have to prove they are looking for work they have to give evidence so they sign on with employment agencies but dont get offered any work so they remain unemployed costing the tax payers money but employers get cheap labour, who I presume are claiming working tax credits etc to make their money up. What a bizzare setup. It is not sustainable from what I can see.
  6. Keynes advocated government intervention. The housing market bubble could have been pricked well before it grew to a size where the bust would cause economic crises but for the ideology that we musnt interfere with the free market that Greenspan had.
  7. I am not blaming the Tories or even Thatcher but boom and bust is inherent within liasse faire Capitalism which policies New Labour carried on.
  8. The fact is like it or not that it was the neo liberal liasse faire ideology that New Labour took from the Conservative Thatcher era that resulted in the economic crises and if it hadnt been for Labour reverting to its Keynesian interventionist policies would have resulted in a depression.
  9. David Ross is a sponsor for Academy schools. Not a very good role model for the kids is he?
  10. House sales fall back in November Sales and prices have risen in 2009 The number of homes sold in the UK dipped slightly in November, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) said. Completed sales fell from 90,000 in October to 87,000 last month, only the second monthly fall this year. However November's figure was still the second highest monthly total so far in 2009 and was more than twice the number sold at the market's nadir in January. Then, just 41,000 homes were sold in the UK, but both sales and prices have since picked up. Recent figures from the Bank of England suggested that sales may keep on rising in the coming months. The Bank reported that in October the number of mortgages approved for house purchase, a good indicator of forthcoming sales, rose for the 11th month in a row. Surprise The imbalance between supply and demand will continue into the early part of the new year resulting in some further house price gains Simon Rubinsohn, Rics Many commentators have been taken by surprise by the revival of sales this year and the accompanying pick-up in prices. The latest property market forecast, from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), said that prices would keep going up in the first half of 2010, albeit slowly, after recording a rise of 1%-2% in prices this year. "The imbalance between supply and demand will continue into the early part of the new year resulting in some further house price gains," said Simon Rubinsohn, Rics chief economist. "However, the combination of more available property and the beginning of the exit strategy from the big stimulus programmes that have helped support the economy will gradually exert a greater influence." House sales fall back in November
  11. The really ironic thing is that Fujitsu IT workers do a lot of work that has been outsourced. So some company thought it a good idea to outsource all their IT work is going to be impacted by this. Funny really.
  12. Yes the real reason the bankers etc are leaving the UK is not the 50% tax but because they are taking their ill gotten gains and are moving somewhere safe before the shit hits the fan.
  13. Which just goes to prove that you cannot force people to borrow money.
  14. Yes it seems that global capital have the real power and they tell the government what to do, and what they want is more for themselves and less for everyone else. So everything you hear from all the parties in the run up to the election about how they are going to help working people are lies, they want working people to pay for the crises.
  15. This forum stands for freedom, solidarity and tolerance. Ah ****** off you ****!
  16. Is Britain on the brink of financial Armageddon? Yes. Next question.
  17. Can I still get my wages paid in cash pay packet at the end of the month?
  18. The banks will always win. Thats how the Capital system works.
  19. Yes just lately I have got a very bad feeling about the situation in this country. The offshoring, outsourcing and bringing in cheap labor has not stopped, in fact it has accelerated. I get the idea that the government is half way implementing a plan and that the general public are just realizing that it its really not in their interests, and the government is redoubling its efforts to push the plan into force before the general public can do anything about it.
  20. Socialism in the UK is a body of ideas that originated out of the experience of the the working classes. Labour is not a socialist party, its just a party with a few socialists in it.
  21. It really is doublethink to blame Socialism or Communism for the consequences of Neo Liberal Capitalism.
  22. It is in India and China where consumer demand will come from, all these workers will want tellys and cars and all the rest. The UK and USA consumer is all spent out and will take many years to pay off their debts on the low wages that they will have to work for in the future.
  23. Socialism is all about standing up for the working man, do you think Gordon Brown and Obama are standing up for the working man ?
  24. That is because they are not socialists, they are people in power that continued with the Thatcher /Reagan neo liberal policies and they are fighting a war against working people.
  25. As a socialist I want decent jobs and pay for all not a race to the bottom for wages and conditions. Free markets only seem to apply for workers to compete with each other for jobs whilst it welfare for the rich.
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