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  1. So in the blue corner we have the bankers and rich elite wanting to maintain their privilaged lifestyles even though they have killed the golden goose and in the red corner we have working people, trade unions protesting and going on strike over attacks on their jobs, pay and conditions. Capital v Labor Class War Same battle that been going on for hundreds of years, why is anyone suprised?
  2. And the risks of working in a manual labour job. You injure yourself are you going to get paid whilst off sick as an agency worker? These sort of employers aint too hot on health and safety either, have a serious accident that prevents you being able to work in future and where are you then?
  3. I am good. But dont know for how long being a public sector parasite and all.
  4. What the political class and the management class want is working people to do more for less. In order that they can get more for doing less.
  5. I am talking about politicians like Frank Field and people like him. If breaking your back working for peanuts is so great, why doesnt he do it?
  6. So the solution to the mess we are now in due to following neo liberal capitalist policies is to force people to break there backs working for peanuts. Its funny how the people expousing this views have quite a high standard of living but have never done a hards days work in their lives.
  7. And this is the crux of the issue. Where is the wealth created? The wealth is created by the necessary work done by people. There is necessary work and un necessary work and both can be found in private and public sectors. It is the necessary work that creates wealth.
  8. Heres a real dilemma for you. I am currently working in the public sector and I have the chance of a job working for a high street bank for 30% higher salary. What would you do?
  9. I am talking about the top 1-5% richest people have had tax cuts whilst the tax burden has been passed onto the rest. If they move to avoid paying tax then they should be prevented from trading in the country, they are making their profits in this country but they dont want to pay tax.
  10. It is since the Thatcher/Reagan attack on working peoples wages and conditions that things have gotten gradually worse and has lead us to where we are today.
  11. I am a public sector worker and by fairer taxes I mean progressive taxation. Over the last 30 years the tax burden has shifted from corporations and the super rich to the average worker. This is why a great offensive to cut public services has been waged because the alternative is to make the rich pay more in taxes, which the rich are scared to death they will be asked to do.
  12. Working people were better off in the 1970's than they are in the 21st Century. Wages have stagnated since the 1970's. The 1950's and 1960's were the golden years for workers in the USA and UK mainly due to strong unions.
  13. There are alternatives to public sector cuts. Fairer taxes, a curb on tax relief for the rich, a levy on financial transactions and a diet for the fat cat bankers and their bonus cheques. Alongside these measures, cancelling Trident, levying a tax on empty properties, improving occupational health in the NHS, getting rid of central government private consultants, and bringing PFI schemes back in house would save billions.
  14. The argument seems to be that because private sector workers have allowed themselves to be screwed over by having their pensions robbed and pay and conditions driven down that to redress this we must screw over the public sector workers and rob them of their pensions and cut their pay and conditions. Its only fair isnt it? And when we have done that we can go back to screwing over the private sector workers a bit more and then its unfair again so we have to do it it the public sector workers. Its just a race to the bottom.
  15. This was always the plan to make working people pay for the crises. Create high inflation but keep wage rises low. Cut public services and the welfare state. Significantly reduces the majority of peoples standard of living without much effort. The government learned the lessons of the 1970's, that was just a trial run, this is the real thing.
  16. Lots of jobs going to be lost in the public sector. Lots more offshoring of jobs in the private sector, what cant be offshored will be done by cheap immigrant labour. Just doesnt add up. But dont worry, bankers will still get their bonuses.
  17. I have a suspicion that the growth figure was acually negative and they thought bloody hell we cant put that out everybody is expecting a positive number. Lets say its 0.1%.
  18. This is another way of getting working people to pay for the crises. Pay increases of 0% or 0.5% or even pay cuts and inflation at 4% or 5% or more.
  19. Just look what happened to the british motorcycle industry. The chinese and indians will take these engines and trains apart, see how it all works then make their own.
  20. The Chinese and Indians can do all this themselves, we should know, we showed them how its done. Also the largest economy in the world the USA is in the same boat as us as regards as domestic consumer is upto its eyeballs in debt.
  21. I really can't think of anything that the UK could offer China that they couldnt provide themselves much cheaper.
  22. How are the majority of the 1.3 billion chinese on the low wages that they earn going to be able to afford anything we export? What do they need from us that they can't do themselves? The chinese government have the small matter of having to find jobs for the 1.3 billion chinese or they will revolt.
  23. And the solution to our economic future is to export to China Oh dear, we are in the shit arent we.
  24. I have noticed a few more for sale and to let signs going up. I know of one house that was repossessed about 18 months ago and has stood empty since and only now been put up for sale. Also I know of 2 cases where people have been kicked out of there rental houses for getting behind on their rent. Both come home to find all their belongings out on the street with all the locks changed. Start of a new year people decide to take the actions they have been putting off maybe?
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