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  1. Yes Paul Masons reports are heads and shoulder above everything else being reported at present. This is the real Britain and its very scary. What jobs will there be for our kids? Nobody knows. This is globalisation and the consequences of 20 years of neo liberal policies. But its not what we were told was going to happen. We were told we were going to benefit from neo liberalism and globalisation but the reality looks very different. The politicians have been seriously mistaken beliving that high finance and the knowledge economy was going to provide everyone with a living and they have no plan B. They can only keep on trying plan A again and again and again because they cant admit they were wrong.
  2. It will affect some people more than others. It will hit working class people hardest, they will struggle to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. If everybody suffers equally then I think people can tolerate it but when some people are really struggling and they see other more well off people hardly affected I think thats when people lose it. Its the massive divide between the haves and the have not's that is unjust and causes social unrest.
  3. In other words there is a drastic lowering of the general standard of living coming for the majority of people in the UK and USA. Many more people losing their jobs and houses. Those that are lucky to stay in work will be earning poor wages and will struggle to keep their heads above water. People will be paying high rates of tax and getting very little for it in the way of public services.
  4. Most of the wealth created in the economy was being channeled into banks and the City anyway although there was a illusion that is was being done willingly, thats whats been happening for decades. All thats changed is that because people are upto their eyeballs in debt and in the middle of an epic recession people cant take on any more so wealth will be taken in the form of taxes and given to the banks and the City boys because is cant be done willingly when people are suffering it needs to be done by force.
  5. Ah well er em. What I mean is hedge funds are part of the City along with the bankers who have caused and benefited from what I consider is a mass fraud. So betting on things getting worse when they are actually making things worse is not that impressive to me anyway.
  6. I am not saying they caused it but they contributed, they were part of the problem and they benefited from it.
  7. The people I mix with on a day to day basis STILL dont realise the party is over and have no idea of the trouble that is coming after the election. They think the recession is over.
  8. Because they believed the party would never end. They didnt understand it was a super boom because it went on so long they thought it was the norm, most people did.
  9. Betting on the economy going down the toilet when they that caused it is not that impressive really. Its like making a bet that a guys going to fall off his bike after taking his wheel nuts off.
  10. In a separate dispute, around 1,000 PCS members working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services were also striking in a two day stoppage over pay freezes and job losses. Those taking part in the HP stoppage work mainly on IT contracts for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and General Motors Services. The four HP sites involved are Newcastle, Washington, Preston and the Fylde Coast. Massive support on first day of civil service strike Unite members working for IT services company Fujitsu have voted to accept proposals tabled by government conciliation service Acas aimed at resolving the dispute between Unite and the company over jobs, pay and pensions. Unite members vote to accept Acas brokered proposals to end Fujitsu dispute
  11. The FSA were 'suprised' to find that unsustainable rising house prices was the cause behind the economic crises. A spokesman for the FSA said " this is most unexpected".
  12. You always know when a sector has been specially targeted to come under attack when you start seeing articles like this in the press.
  13. Take the british car industry for example as the unions such as those in British Leyland were pretty typical of the militant unions. The unions and workers were eventually persuaded by management into a more partnership orientated relationship much like in Germany and went along with automation, leaner more efficient working, lower pay and conditions in order to be competitive and where has it got them? The promise always was if workers agreed to these changes it would guarantee job security. Management sold the companies and moved the jobs abroad anyway, so where did going along with management get the workers? What little car industry still remains in this country will gradually disappear over the next 10 years and there will be no car industry left in the UK. Is that the unions fault. No I dont think so.
  14. I keep posting this but it is relevant here also
  15. I actually dont bear any malice towards the woman herself just what she stands for and represents. When she was in power working people were beaten down into what they believed was there place at the bottom of society, manufacturing was decimated and do you remember the rise of the yuppies ? filofaxes and brick sized mobile phones and the greed is good economy centered around the City. The Labour party changed significantly in the wilderness years in opposition to Thatcher and took the attitude if you cant beat em join em and embraced Thatchers neo liberal policies. Remember the prawn cocktail offensive New Labour waged to woo the City? They stole Thatchers policies and ran with them, but they didnt understand them, they didnt understand the consequences that they would have impoverishing working people because thats what the policies were designed to do. Its no accident that the bankers are still getting massive bonuses whilst working people are losing their jobs and having their pay and conditions cut its whats supposed to happen under neo liberalism not the fairy stories people like Reagan and Thatcher told people. Even when the reality is staring people in the face they still dont get it they are so brainwashed.
  16. Are you thinking what im thinking? Could I get Thatchers head through that?
  17. If find yourself in the same room as Thatcher, you don't give a cup of tea, you drive a stake through her heart and bury her under the patio.
  18. I bet she gets the best care money can buy unlike the elderly, disabled and ill that will lose their services under Tory council cuts. And in contrast look at Arthur Scargill now. Still sharp and politically active and vindicated in a lot of what he said turned out to be true.
  19. The Tories have dragged out people like Heseltine, Kenneth Clarke and Tebbett, why dont they put Maggie on the telly ask her what she thinks? Interviewer: Do you think in retrospect deregulation the City was a good idea, bearing in mind it eventually lead to the near collapse of the UK economy? Mrs Thatcher: Wibble! Interviewer: Do you think the average working man and woman has benefited from the neo liberal polices since the Reagan/Thatcher era ? Mrs Thatcher: Wibble! Wibble! Interviewer: Thank you Mrs Thatcher
  20. Then in 1984 she went to war with the working class. Then in 1985 she instigated the Big Bang deregulation of the City sowing the seeds to our present day economic crises. Why doesnt she get on the telly and be interviewed properly. Oh yes she is a gibbering idiot. But then again she always was a gibbering idiot.
  21. Yes. You have got to give it to them. They have pulled off a blinder here. It will all go pear shaped after the election off course but Labour stand a chance of being re elected.
  22. No. Since 1984/5 miners strike victory by the capitalists over labor the bankers and rich elite took things even further with their neo liberal ideology. The big bang deregulation of the City which sowed the seeds to the economic mess we are now in. Thet want working people to pay for the crises. In fact its not really a crises for the bankers and super rich its only a crises for working people.
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