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  1. Let me take a wild guess. The big Tory solution will be to privatize public services. Da da. The solution just conveniently being want they have wanted to do all along.
  2. I am confused. Why is Dr Paul Craig Roberts the co creator of Reaganomics on telly warning us of the dreadful consequences of the neo liberal policies he advocated? This why we have had a boom over the last 13 years and why so many public sector jobs were created to cover up the fact that we are offshoring jobs like there is no tomorrow. This is what Cameron doesnt seem to get. There will be no private sector jobs created for people losing jobs in the public sector. In fact the offshoring of jobs will increase at a higher rate as companies are forced to move to countries with cheaper labour just to stay in business. The few private sector jobs that will be created in the UK will go to Eastern European cheap labour.
  3. Not for millionaire ex public schoolboys I bet!
  4. These people should lower their expectations then they wouldn't keep on being disappointed all the time.
  5. But would have carried on in the job if the matter had not been exposed.
  6. The first cut is the deepest Baby I know the first cut is the deepest When it come to being lucky she's cursed When it come to loving me she's the worst
  7. Treasury Minister David Laws resigns over expenses Government 1 Public services 1
  8. That alright then. I was worried that someone decent may gain a position of power by mistake,
  9. Con-Dem axeman Laws branded 'hypocrite'Con-Dem axeman Laws branded 'hypocrite'
  10. Do any of these people have any integrity?
  11. 18 of the cabinet are millionaires. He was the vice-president of banking giant JP Morgan.
  12. Is this the bloke who is going to cut services for the poor and most vulnerable? Its in the national interest.
  13. Treasury Minister David Laws apologises over expenses
  14. They should be wondering why their wages have hardly risen over the past 30 years. And why taxpayers bailed out the banks and why we have to cut public services and welfare in because of it.
  15. Well they won a greater share of the wealth they were creating. Its wasn't given it had to be fought for, many people lost there lives .
  16. Because working class people in the west got organized and struggled and won a better standard of living just as the Chinese and Indians will have to if they want a better life.
  17. So many people on welfare is a consequence of wages being driven down to such a low level that they are actually below subsistence levels. Marx called the unemployed the reserve army of labour. And now the Tories are deploying the reserve army to drive down wages even more. The labour market will be flooded by pushing people on welfare + the reserve army of eastern european migrants and those being redundant from the public services into the labour market. The intended purpose is to drive down wages and conditions to a level so as to be competitive with workers in countries like China and India. Its called globalisation.
  18. Why is it when the capitalist boom and bust cycle goes into the bust phase we blame the immigrants and those on welfare?
  19. Trouble is employers are always trying to drive down wages. Doesnt matter if the government took less in tax or not. If you didnt have a minimum wage set you would have employers paying a pound an hour.
  20. Well it isnt that difficult to create back breaking, mind numbing, unskilled jobs paying minimum wage and under with no job security. For some reason the indigeonous workforce are not falling over themselves for these jobs.
  21. Thats a big IF. I cannot see where the jobs are going to come from. The economy is only being propped up by ultra low interest rates and quantative easing until the election. Once the election is out the way in 3 weeks time the fiscal and monetary stimulus will end and the the economy will go into a double dip IMHO.
  22. Two thirds of public sector workers earn below 18K per year so I dont think wage cuts here would cut the deficit by much. And I cant see the jobs being created in the private sector for these people, thats why they have been created by the government in the first place. Cut a million jobs in the public sector and they will go straight on the dole. After 6 months on the dole they wont be fit to do any work.
  23. People are getting on their bikes alright and going to places like Australia and Canada. They had get up and go and they got up and went. But that doesnt help the UK much.
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