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  1. I think its safe to say the **** has fallen out of this market!
  2. Seeing several properties in my area Kettering, Northants come on the market for sale in Jan with TENANTS IN SITU.
  3. I was with a group of friends last night and the conversation was around homeless people sleeping rough, and one person who I didn't realise rented out a property said he has decided to sell it in the new year. And it occurred to me how many other BTL landlords are thinking the same thing.
  4. Where are all the new influx of migrants going to live if the BTL landlords stop buying ?
  5. It will hit 7% before they raise rates I reckon.
  6. The quote reminds me of The Prince by Machiavelli on how to manage the monarchy and the people.
  7. I remember in the 90's house price fell and were dirt cheap and first time buyers still weren't buying. I couldn't quite understand it myself. I remember saying to my brother look that house is £27K you should buy it. When something is cheap it loses its desirability, its human nature.
  8. Yes but why? Because we were trying to maintain a decent standard of living. A middle class standard of living because we were told that we are all middle class now. But following neo liberal policies and globalisation was actually driving down the standard of living in the west. So we borrowed and got into huge debt to maintain a standard of living that was not supported by the economic policies that both Thatcher and Blair followed. I like to put it down to incompetence because the thought of it being done deliberately makes me sick.
  9. I don't know why these people are rioting. Don't they realise we are all middle class now?
  10. The police are not really there to protect the ordinary guy in the street and his property, that's what people cannot get their heads around with these riots. They don't care if the proles kill each other or burn the community to the ground. They are there to enforce the capitalist system. The whole state is. Thatcher understood this, you need a strong state to maintain such an unequal society. The rich have enough protection to defend their own wealth and privilege and that's all they need. That's why they all live in gated communities.
  11. Watching tv footage of people smashing shops and just going in taking stuff just goes to prove what people are capable of. Capitalists like the idea of dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. Well lets see how they like the real thing. What are the bankers going to do if these people decide they want your house?
  12. Whats to stop this rioting spilling over into the rich neighborhoods? I don't think the police can contain it?
  13. And what are the politicians most worried about? The Olympics ffs.
  14. Inequality in this country has got so bad now. People living in poverty and an underclass where crime and violence is a way of life.
  15. Its not political as such but everything is political isn't it?
  16. These young lads rioting today have nothing to lose. Their future looks bleak anyway. They don't give a ****** either way.
  17. This all started last year with the student riots with the trebling of tuition fees and cutting EMA. Thats when youths saw rioting and got a taste for it.
  18. This is bad. Rioting in the streets. And thats before the real hardship hits.
  19. Ungrateful bastards. Go to all that trouble to provide the figures they will like and that's the thanks you get!
  20. They never were middle class. They were working class living a middle class standard of living by getting into debt. Living beyond their means. It was a temporary arrangement.
  21. The free market Tories and Orange book liberals trying to prop up the housing market with tax payers money. Oh dear!
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