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  1. Here's a little spreadsheet that tests Benford's Law against the Fibonacci Sequence: Benford Spreadsheet I'm sure that the effect is mainly to do with progressions, with the Fibonacci sequence progressing by 61.8% from 8 to 13 to 21 etc. If I tested against a series that progressed by 10% with each number I'm sure we'd see similar results, which stands to reason really as it takes more 10%'s to rise from 1 to 2 than it does from 8 to 9. If we tested against a series of say FTSE closes since 1984 when it was 1000 or so, then I'm not sure we'd see as pure a result as we would have conflicting
  2. The other link doesn't work, try this: http://www.scottishpower.co.uk/products/online-fixed-price-energy.aspx
  3. Redhat - I've just taken a look: Scottish Power have a Dual Fuel tariff fixed until Jan 2013 without any standing charges - on typical consumption this would be about 5-6% more than your old deal. Use a cashback site to switch and the difference could be even less. http://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/comparison/results/scottishpower/online-fixed-price-january-2013/dual_fuel
  4. Not really a rise though is it, just a reversion from an 'offer' tariff onto the 'scam' standard tariff with the reassurance that being scammed requires you to do nothing. Get over to uSwitch quick - I've heard that Age Concern have a good tariff.
  5. as per his chart. Yeah, normal since 2009. Great what you can do with scales and axes
  6. I've heard that the FranzKlammerBank is going downhill fast
  7. Has Papa been taken out to the woodshed yet?
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