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  1. hi again, thank you for the welcomes and the information given, we have always had concerns about the rising sea levels and thats what put us off our first choice of Norfolk where i grow up for some years as a child. The map is excellent and is the first time we have been able to see for ourselves what areas of the u.k are effected and the approx time scales . Am i right in thinking there are some parts of Lincolnshire that wont be effected ? i.e Bourne,Grantham,Sleaford ? Although nothing is written in stone yet in regards to where we relocate we really do want a slower country life for the family and intend to be more self sufficient , we cannot afford to do this in oxfordshire as it is just so expensive to buy what we would like to here and you get a lot more for your money further north but we don't want to compromise our kids futures. I need to give this a lot more thought
  2. hello i've just joined and am from oxfordshire, we are hoping to buy a house in lincolnshire in the next year or so and are interested in any advice about what areas are best in lincolnshire we have been looking at spalding and boston but are not set on where yet , we are hoping for a house with an acre or so but also work is important o/h is willing to do most jobs so any advice on best areas for work would be great also , seems like a great site to seek advice
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