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  1. Hi. Just came back from two years in Aus. One year each in Brisbane and Sydney respectively. Two considerations: 1. If you're going to enjoy life and Australia's habitat for two years and then come home, do it. We had a great laugh and had our two daughters with us. 2. If you're looking to go there for a better quality of life.....fuggheeddabatt it. The bubble in Australia is many, many times worse. 'Portfolio of properties' thinking is rife. ps. It also rains like f***, Perth apart !
  2. MumblesisNuts


    Hi, I'm trying to send a PM to you but cannot. Anyc chance of PM'ing me with an email address ? I'll send links through then. Thanks for your offer of help.
  3. MumblesisNuts


    thanks, sound advice. Researching now, will look at Land Reg for comparable examples. Will send the links in a PM. Cheers.
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    Starting to get seriously worried about the banks. Sold, (luckily) in 2007 and got my hard earned in NSI. Been looking at properties in the locality (Mumbles and surrounding), modest 3 bed semi's. Couple on with GCP that look OK, prices ludicrous though. I wonder how receptive they would be if I put an offer in, that to coin a phrase was a 'bid in the b*llocks !' I'm thinking 30% below asking on principle. Any advice on how these esteemed professionals might receive this, other than badly ?
  5. Ditto. Just came back from 18 months working in the Chinese Colony.... Soul-less - slumping badly. Getting worse, quicker.
  6. aye......and they want to stuff some poor b*stard with the consequence of their mistakes..... went past it earlier, I live close by, £300k max with reasonable non specufestor goggles on.
  7. agree, agree strongly......£395 is nuts for that place !
  8. I'm new to posting on this forum, but not new to reading and watching this forum with interest. I've recently returned to Mumbles where I lived for the best part of my adult life, to find this.......this.........absolute gem of a house, rather decently priced too ! If Carlsberg did Denial ! Last bought in 2006 for approx £343k, now at the highly reasonable price of £595k. I think they may be in for a rude awakening and a loss that would make that well known tw*t Richard Desmond squirm !
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