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  1. Always a tragedy when libertarian dogma meets reality..................
  2. Oh yes, if drugs only affected the user then you may have a point, other than taking into consideration whether or not we want to live in a nation filled with drug addled scum. As it is, we know cannabis is strongly linked to schizophrenia and other disorders, probably cancer too. So who'll foot the bill for their recreational fun?
  3. Prohibition most certainly does work, it worked with alcohol in America, and it works with drugs here. If we introduced capital punishment for drug dealers and treated drug users like the criminals they are instead of patients with an illness then we would make progress. A weak effort to say Singapore and Japan succeed because of cultural reasons. They succeed because they impose harsh penalties and a harsh regime on transgressors. So with your wide experience with junkies could you tell me why you think they're all upstanding citizens who stumble across a bit of brown, get 'addicted' and become raging thieves to feed their habit? It's pure unadulterated nonsense. The vast majority of heroin users come from the lower classes. If you don't believe an ex screw and his 'self selecting bias' hunt out a drugs charity and they'll confirm it for you. Nobody can asnwer the point on speeding and murder because they realise their argument on that basis is complete horseshit.
  4. That's because they were supposed to build masses of technical colleges to provide people with a trade but they decided they couldn't be bothered. Grammar schools allowed working class kids the chance of an education as good, if not better, than a public school. Now we all sink in the cesspits that are called comprehensives.
  5. Hmmmm, considering there are a lot of intelligent thinkers on here there's a lot of strange ideas........ Every smackhead I ever met was a thief before he was a junkie; the idea that prohibition causes them to steal doesn't stand up to even basic probing. I'm an Ex - prison officer who has encountered thousands of heroin addicts. Prohibition doesn't work? Show me a law that eradicates every illegal act iut is attemtpting to supress. Strange we never hear anyone asking for speeding or murder to be l;egalised because we can't stop all transgressors. There is no war on drugs in any part of 'the west. Japan and Singapore enforce rigorous laws againts drug use and selling and they are very successful. Were we not the self indulgent society we are we might do likewise.
  6. I think you'll find that from the outset the descended into authoritarian rule, ethnic politics and militart coups before anyone else ever became involved. The second prime minister was a despot and that was within a few years of taking over. Still, always better to blame someone else.
  7. The mess left behind in Africa? You mean like sierra leone where we trained civil servants and judges, teachers and doctors in anticipation of our departure and they still screwed it up! You need to acquaint yourself with racial biology, then the fog of confusion will lift.
  8. I've no problem with abolishing public sector pensions over time, as long as they receive a pay rise which would allow them to do so. Just remember, if you make the public sector too unattractive then you end up with the dregs of society doing the jobs. As is happening now with nursing and the prison service. The corruption in the prison service in 5 years time will resemble a banana republic.
  9. Most of them rather enjoyed British style oppression. The railways, the schools, the hospitals, the rule of law. Yes, what bastards we were.
  10. Being a fireman, police officer etc used to be difficult to get into as they only wanted very specific people for the job. Now it's difficult to get into because they'll let anybody do the job.
  11. Most people miss the point entirely when it comes to the cost of the public sector. What has gone wrong is that, primarily Labour, turned it into one big job creation scheme for their various client groups. Hence we now have a situation whereby in any given sector of the public services you have far too many secondary staff relative to frontline staff who actually do the jobs and provide you with your service My own anecdotal evidence; Until March of this year I was a Prison Officer in one of the largest jails in the country. It employed 300 Prison Officers, yet in the key safe there are well over 1400 sets off keys, compared to about 400 when I joined. Now, there are around 20 nurses who work in the hospital wing, 20 governors (Far, far too many btw), 20 admin workers, half a dozen maintenance lads and 30 teachers/instructors. Which begs the question, who the hell draws the other 1100 keys? They're all from various agencies riding the gravy train. The jail only holds 1300 prisoners for goodness sake, so you have almost 200 more staff working there than prisoners! It's mind blowing and more importantly is a monumental waste of taxpayers money. Can you imagine a private business employing 4 times as many 'support' staff as they do people who actually do the work? There are 160 odd jails in the country and all of them have the same set up so you can see how you could slash the prison service budget with no impact on the frontline. That's just the prison service, which is relatively small. What about the police or the nhs or education? Not to mention local government and other various shadow sectors. Before you attack the pay, pensions and conditions of nurses, coppers, screws and firemen etc, just pause to consider the fact that you could double the pay and pensions of all of them tomorrow, get rid of the leeches in the bureaucracy and still save over 50% of what you're spending now.
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