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  1. Estate agents are idiots. Some agents will over value a property for various reasons and some will under value for various reasons. In addition there is no exact scientific principals being used. Its up to you ultimately as to what price to market it for . My only problem here would be that this agent may not put much effort into selling a property if you go against his advice, I would shop around if you are sure he is wrong.
  2. In general i think for property that bigger is best . If they are both in the same area then the one which is bigger is most likely to be easier to sell unless it is in a much worse state than the smaller one . PS Shared ownership may not be the best think in the world but there are areas of the country in which this is the only feasable option so dont let negative comments put you off
  3. I am buying a property however the sellers solicitor seems to be dragging their feet . There has been issues such as them not recieving emails , faxes, letters and not answering the phone. This has been going on for several months and i have friends who have completed after i started. The seller does absolutely nothing to chase up their solicitor and i think they have left it in the hands of an inexperienced estate agent . This has been a big waste of my time. If i pull out now is there any compensation i can claim for this wasted time or should i just stick with it ??? Dont solicitors hav
  4. Im going through a purchase and one of the issues holding it up is that my solicitor has raised further queries with the vendors solicitor. One of which is relation to the inventory list. Hopefully the result will be clear about what is going to be left in the property to avoid situations like this
  5. Thanks for this reply, i have previously asked the solicitor why they need title deeds and they said that they cant do searches without the deeds so for the last few months they have done nothing apart from wait for these documents. I'm a first time buyer so i basically just take the word of these people , im not particularly sure what these solicitors are actually doing or searching for as its an ex local authority flat. Id assume the council exercise a lot of sense when building homes. I phoned my solicitor today and he is so posh that i cant understand a word of what he is saying but he
  6. Im in the process of buying and its been 2 months and nothing has happened. My solicitor is allegedly waiting for the vendors solicitor to send title deeds before they do anything. Does anyone have any tips about making solicitors move quicker ? The estate agent and vendor seems to be sitting back and doing nothing and i call up my solicitor weekly and get the excuse above. The mortgage, survey etc is all done. Also note that there are no similar properties for the price im paying in the location im buying in as i keep looking regularly. Just need tips to make the solicitors focus on my pu
  7. My understanding of auctions is that you loose your deposit if you fail to complete within 28 days . Im not sure if they readvertise the property but all of this information is usually clearly spelt out in the literature the auction house sends to everyone who is planning to participate in the auction
  8. The value of a property is only worth what you think its worth. Someone may see a £120k home and think its worth £200k to them and someone else will think they could never live in it even if it was £0k . Look at properties in the range you can afford
  9. i have made an offer on a flat and it has been accepted. I have been walking past it but i get the feeling that the windows are off the hinges. Every time i walk past the windows are open despite it being vacant. This wasn't highlighted in the home buyers survey and when i viewed it the windows were closed so i didnt try opening it. If i had known the windows were off the hinges id have been extremely uninterested. Anyone any suggestions. Bit miffed that the survey didnt pick this up Who would pay for the fixing of this. Is it the freeholder ?
  10. Just an update, i used the fridays move website and later discovered that the price the gave me was only the lawyers fees, it did not include disimbursements which ran to another £600 so be very careful when comparing quotations from this website with those of other websites as its not 100% true
  11. i wonder what would make a valuer state that a property is not worth the value it is being sold at as remember they only check the value against what the bank is lending you and not your purchase price, ive not come across anyone reporting that a valuer has undervalued a property but i have seen stories of people no longer being able to sell a property for the amount it was purchased
  12. i used https://www.localbuildingsurveyor.co.uk/ although i havent had a copy of the survey yet it does claim that all their surveyors are RICS accredited and insured . Its also my understanding that a survey of a modern flat wont always be very revealing one surveyor indicated that for a flat you cant do a full structural survey as technically you would need access to all the other flats in the building
  13. i have just received a letter offering me the full requested mortgage i want however i am very curious about a sentence that says that the amount they are lending me is above their above lending limits therefore they (the lender) are taking out insurance. Is this a normal sentence in a mortgage offer ?
  14. ive just commissioned a indepedant survey today and i am expecting them to point out all the faults and give me their professional opinion on the value of the property. If it differs from what i have offered then the seller should reduce their price or im off. As a buyer im paying good money for this service so expect them to be bending over backwards to act in my interest
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