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  1. It will come question is are you going to be standing in the forest or the clearing with the elite.
  2. This is really horrible I have no more stomach for watching a country tear its self apart and teeter on the brink of civil war, whoever is to blame the bankers, the politicians, the people, they need to default and leave the Euro now!
  3. http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m376mkdacKc
  4. I think where we have on up on the chinese is the abillity to alow diverse opinion and freedom of speech without anyone going to jail, oh wait a min......
  5. Here, here, Vince doesn't have the credibility of the ginger gnome, but he may be found dead due to talking out of his **** and forgetting to breath through his mouth.
  6. In the past they were more civilised and they would destroy money via a jubilee year now thousands of years later the prefered method is war.
  7. It isn't going to be £75 billion extra added, due too fractional reserve banking its actually £75 billion x 10.
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