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  1. All my life I have had to feel guilty about the fact that my country supposably oppresses the Scottish. Frankly, I'm sick of it. Do ya fancy being independent of Scotland? Someone has started an e petition. The Scots are being asked to consider whether they would like either full independence or to have the English carry on funding them. It is time the English were asked whether they want to continue to contribute, via taxation, to the running costs of a nation who have never had a good word to say about us and who now want to have both their cake and eat it. I would like the Government to
  2. I'll never understand Brits. More than happy for footballers and "celebs" to earn stupid amounts for doing nothing but kicking a ball and look pretty. But people who create jobs and real wealth are pilloried.... did you see the looks of hate on the young people's faces in the audience? Made me feel quite sick tbh.
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