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  1. I think CP?WTIA! should be shown in schools and workplaces throughout the land. Most people on it have ignored their debts, making them spiral ever higher. About 50% appear to have no self-respect, living in houses with clothes, dishes and belongings strewn about every room. Many think they "know their rights" when they clearly don't. The statistics in between each story are horrifying. If you haven't seen it, ignore that it's Channel 5, and catch it on catch up.
  2. Surely a rational person might ask: 1. How do the number of alleged sexual assaults (not rapes) compare with those reported in the country at large? Look it up, and you might be surprised. 2. Why don't government take steps to stop companies like Uber trading from low-tax EU bases? 3. Since it is TfL, and not Uber, who screen licensed private hire drivers and cars, how can Uber be blamed for this? Only then would they be in a position to decide on whether the statistics you present should affect their behaviour.
  3. I wonder if testing for fire safety might be another thing that private landlords are soon compelled to do. It sounds like the cost to them of remedying below-standard work might be substantial.
  4. Please do your own research, but ... Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 as amended by the Housing Act 1996 requires that the landlord provides tenants of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) with a minimum of two months' notice in writing, stating that possession of the property is sought. The two months starts when the tenant receives the notice not when the notice was written/posted. Since you have not received the notice within 2 months of the end of the fixed term, you do not have to leave at the end of the fixed term. Your section 21 notice won’t be valid if you haven’t been given at least 2 months’ notice. You are not required to give up possession of a property until a minimum of two months after the Section 21 notice to quit was served. This includes Section 21 notices served up until the last day of the fixed term. At the end of the fixed term, your tenancy will automatically become periodic - you do not need to do anything or sign any more contracts to make this happen. The Estate Agent, I would imagine, is trying to get some more fees from you and the landlord. After all, when the tenancy becomes periodic, there are no "contracts" to draw up, or renewal fees to pay. In your shoes, I would politely email the agent and say that periodic is your choice. The landlord's choice in that circumstance will be either to evict you in 2 months and pay to find another tenant - who may or may not be as reliable as you, or to let you carry on renting as you have done with no difference to his circumstances at all. I think I know which one I would choose ...
  5. What date does it end? Have you received a Section 21 notice?
  6. Check that all the fees are listed correctly in the branch, and on their website too. If not -----> Trading Standards.
  7. You're right. I assumed you were OP since you replied to my request to OP to post historic sales data. I'll look at usernames more carefully next time!
  8. You've previously said "counted around 10 [for sale signs], when previously these would never come up for sale.". All I'm asking is for you to go to Rightmove and tell us how many have actually previously sold over the past few years. Then your anecdotal might become a factodotal.
  9. In the top menu of Rightmove, click on House Prices, then Sold House Prices and then enter the postcode you're interested in. Alternatively, enter the same postcode into houseprices.io You can also see some sales trends in Rightmove by clicking again on House Prices, and then selecting Market Trends.
  10. Thanks for your report, but let's be honest - currently it's anecdotal. To make it slightly more scientific, can you identify the accommodation on RightMove/Houseprices.io and compare the number currently for sale with completed sales in the past few years?
  11. PurpleBricks don't have High Street offices and they're on RightMove
  12. That's because Cameron promised to invoke Article 50 immediately if the vote was to leave. We still have not invoked Article 50, so we don't know what will happen. As an allegory, currently we're at the "I'm afraid we're making you redundant" stage, but we haven't yet lost our jobs.
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