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  1. Thank you for the link RIT its wouuld seem to just a way of adding to the bill for this search,,,,, which if in rural wales may be worth it but as in any densely populated area few if any are not connected to the main sewer or water
  2. Just got a solicitors quote for buying a proberty,,, it says 250 for a water and drainage search and one or two more,,, why would i need the water and drainage ???the properties 50 years old its inner city manchester and it ex local authority,,,,plus i can clearly see it has water and drainage,,,, have i missed something or is it for something else????? any one know
  3. ive had 4 calls from the EA in as many days trying to persuade me to up the offer,, my thinking is if i do up the offer ,,,the EA or the client can not sell as its still in probate but then will list it as an offer as been put in ,,, and now would any one care to up my offer,,, my plan would be get the probate granted and sign it over that week,,, ive been in the building trade 40 years so ive a good idea on if it structurally good ,,,, price wise up north there is plenty of reasonable properties at this price
  4. when would you make this offer,, the proberty is going through probate expect about 4 weeks the EA says an offer of 5k under the asking price as been rejected 55k,, so here may be some one else interested? i have the cash to buy dont need survey and ready to go,,, But im awere that if i make an offer now if there is a interested party he will use my bid to force the bids up,,, when should i make my bid?,, the property is reasonably price there is an identical proberty at 65k this as been reduced 10k due to the market,,, my guess is that at present absolute max asking price is 70k ,, any advice
  5. first i wouuld be cautious with any person who called themselves a surveyor,, many years a go i did a long course at collage,,,, on that course were mostly trades men,, and a few surveyors,, one day one of the surveyors was asked me if i could fix a burst at is home for him,,he knew the theory behind the problem,, but was unable to but it in practice,, that same person got his qualifications and is now advising people with heating or plumbing problems etc,, ,,,,, still do work for him but its only as hes to busy to do it himself always makes me smile],,, a sump is a small hole in the ground u
  6. If you have the cash to buy a proberty out right,,, what problems could you face if say you came across a property which was up for sale with say honest harry's estate agents ,,, and you agreed with the property owner a price which then cuts the estate agent out,,, thus saving him the fee,,, and property ensuring you did no get in to a price war with the EA fictional offers,,,,,,,,,,
  7. as i belive the EA is duty bound to accept the highest offer? so cant be taken off market?? regarding searches etc the house is 1920 ish and it was mortgaged in 2003,, im in building so ok with the structure,, and work required,,, my concern is i dont know the procedure for buying repo,s if its relevant the properties 41 k now and worth 75 ish done so no massive profit,,, any thoughts
  8. im looking at a repossessed property,, as im told ,,, the agent has to accept the best offer,, what i would like to know is at what stage i need to instruct my solicitor,, at present there is a offer above the asking price made by a builder made just a few days ago ,, the agent as said that i need to improve this offer,, and in which case the builder may improve there offer,,, do i put in the offer and instruct the solicitor that day or do i wait a few days??? can any one run me through the procedure,,, its confusing as im told i will have to complete within 14 days,, but 14 days from when,, n
  9. seeing whats happening here,, looks scary for any flats,,, 5or 6 years on and still falling,,,, swinton is not to bad an area
  10. ive been to see these flats today can you belive there still for sale,,, the price is now 28,500 and being sold 15 out of the block of 18 is empty,, thay have been badly vandalised with nothing of value left,,, there is no management and are open to any one who cares to enter,,,, all the service are ripped out and communal areas damaged,,, the big BUT is the price 28,500 and 30,000 whats your veiws on buying or is that a silly question
  11. its a 2 bed house salford lancashire,,edge of council estate,, needs decoration could make it decent for under 5k,, area had problems few years ado OK now,,, no structural problems,, about 50 years about 25% bought on estate,,,quite a few properties offered about 90k if selling very slow
  12. any one give me a guide it says offers in excess of 60k as its been supposedly reduced 30%,,, what would your offer be?
  13. being new its difficult to find my way around ,,, the only things i can add are its empty as far as i know it looks reasonable,,, but dated,, rent-able may be with a small amount of work,,, looks to be for sale by relatives???on big estate
  14. going to look at a proberty its ex council ,,the estate agent says its been reduced 30% in fact all there properties are reduced its the agent that promises to sell them quick the wording says offers over 60,000 will this realy mean exactly that or is there negotiation ?? it will be a cash sale,,, how firm will it be or do you offer less??? any advice it s been on about 1 month
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