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  1. Would like to do that; is it the LL or LA responsibility to arrange the gas safety check? From the impression I get, the LL is a dodgy man and will probably come up with one with a false date on it or something but I definitely didn't have one done, apart from the boiler was serviced when I first moved in over 2 years ago. If I phone the LA and ask them to clarify when it was last checked, they will want to call me back too, when they have panicked about it.
  2. Thanks all for your input on this as it's been stressing me for weeks! My deposit is held with a scheme btw. I had a call from the letting agents today saying that the LL has sent in an invoice for £184 for a new carpet so they are going to take £184 from my deposit. So that's about £100 more than I had offered to replace it. I am not sure whether to just accept it or not as I want the whole sorry saga over with. If the LL had been reasonable throughout my tenancy I wouldn't feel so bad surrendering ! What do people think? Just accept it or kick up a fuss?
  3. Hi, I posted previously before I moved out of my rented property but I now have a further problem and it's stressing me out to the max. I moved out of the property mainly because my landlord was a plonker. He took ages to do any jobs, lied about providing me with a gardener, never did a gas safety check, never checked the electrics despite me having 3 pretty serious flood incidents following 2 burst pipes and a faulty bath pipe, all last winter. He was more bothered about driving past the house slowly and then telephoning the letting agent to insist I pulled some weeds out of the garden (it had been non-stop rain and I simply hadn't got round to it!). Mine and my children's health and safety was never considered throughout my tenancy. He left a leaky radiator for 18 months and wasn't bothered that it was rusty and going on his beige carpet and that I couldn't use it so had to have a freezing bathroom in the middle of winter, even though he had been told about it. Anyway, I decided to get out and I love my new house, it's cosy and warm and the landlady seems really nice. In my old house there was a small stain on one of the bedroom carpets (about 7x2 inches) which I admit to and couldn't shift so I was prepared for some money to be taken from my deposit. I had a quote for a new carpet of £80 so that I knew the approximate cost. On inspecting the property my old landlord decided that it would cost £200 to replace ! I disputed this and told the letting agent that I had already priced it up at £80. The letting agent then informed the landlord of this and he is ignoring the issue and I need it resolving so that I can get my remaining deposit back as I owe the money to someone. It has been almost 2 weeks since I moved out now. I telephoned the agents again today and they just said that the landlord hasn't responded to them. What would my next step be please? I almost knew that he was going to be difficult based on his previous unreasonable behaviour throughout my tenancy. I'm fed up now and want to settle into my new home with the kids but this is spoiling it.
  4. Thanks so much for that Cannycat, some really useful information there ! It's the carpets that are worrying me the most. When I looked around the house, the carpets were darker in some of the rooms and he changed all of them to cream before I moved in, even in the bathroom??! - I can't understand why a LL would choose this colour for a rented house, especially one where he knows there is a family with children moving in and it makes me wonder if they do it on purpose to make it harder to maintain and easier to get a chunk of your deposit back for easier to see 'wear and tear'. I have priced up a rug doctor and for a full day it's only £25. I just hope they come up clean enough for their approval. Thanks again.
  5. Too late to think about not paying last months rent, I have already paid it. You wouldn't believe it, I got home from work last night to find that my kitchen ceiling was dripping again after my daughter had taken a shower ! Rang the agents up this morning and they are sending someone round later, can't believe it, I am moving on Friday ! I am pretty sure all the water damage previously has rotted the chipboard under the bath because there is a line on the ceiling where the bath sits upstairs - can't wait to get outta here. My partner reminded me as well last night that I actually paid someone to come and wallpaper the bathroom last year because there was mould growing on it - feel like a right mug now ! Also fed up cuz they are sending someone round to view the house on Thursday at 7pm and I don't need it as I will be doing last minute packing. I also think that they shouldn't be renting it out again so soon because of the repairs that need to be sorted out - its not fair on the next tenants.
  6. Well, i know this, i had never rented before and was a novice. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and when I move to my new rented house next week, I shall be looking, I shall be taking any necessary photos. The water damage has occured whilst I have been a tenant and I shall take photos before I move out. I forgot to mention that when I asked why he wasn't providing a gardener, as advertised, he said that if I wanted a gardener he would have to put my rent up an extra £50 a month which I couldn't afford. He knows I am a single parent with 2 kids, I didn't expect favours but a bit of empathy. I have learned my lesson and am just keeping my fingers crossed that the letting agent has all the burst pipe incidents and call outs to plumbers etc recorded.
  7. I don't have the original advertisement but I am sure I could find it on the net somewhere archived as it was in the local paper. The agency sent plumbers round and I had to call emergency plumbers on boxing day when the pipes burst so they are traceable. The LL had a new bathroom suite fitted incorrectly prior to me moving in and I have had nothing but leaks and water damage. One time my daughter was in the kitchen and the light fitting in the ceiling started showering water and the light blub exploded, she was very lucky. I just feel that I deserve my full deposit back, not only because I have really looked after the place (and those stressful, cream carpets) but I haven't had an easy rental period with all the problems! Thanks for your replies
  8. Not sure which deposit scheme - but it definitely is. i am at work lol so can't look Did have an inventory done but it was quite simple for things like lampshades, mirrors, colour of carpets and walls, all of which are the same and all still in tact
  9. Hi Thanks for reading. I've been in my current rented house with my 2 kids for 2 years. Always paid my rent on time, tried to keep in perfect. I originally borrowed £800 from my parents for the bond and I desperately need it all back to pay them back as they are pensioners (not that that would make any difference or make anyone be more sympathetic!). Things that I think LL may pull me up on:- Cream coloured carpets throughout, no stains but look a bit grubby and having them cleaned before I move out Not been able to mow the garden for a month as been away and its been raining since I came back ! So its like 6 inches high now and the leaves have started to fall Had two burst pipes last winter and the hallway got flooded on both occasions - some damage to ceiling and carpet got grubby but he never bothered to re-decorate and didn't seem interested in assesing the damage Through bad workmanship, the bath pipes leaked and water came through the kitchen ceiling last year and needed new light fitting so touch up of plastering required and some brown stains on ceiling - again didn't assess damage or attempt to re-decorate My deposit is held with the letting agent and they have done quarterly checks to satisfaction, they know about all these mishaps. I am so anxious about whether the above will lose me any of my deposit. The LL has been a complete dork, he hasn't checked my gas since I moved in and advertised the property as 'gardener included' which never surfaced and he told me I had to do it all myself ( I know I should have had this put into my lease) and it's been back breaking for me as there are lots of trees and shrubs that I can't maintain myself but I have de-weeded and mowed the grass frequently (this is the main reason I am moving - I hate gardening and had I known I would have to do it, I wouldn't have moved in).
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