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  1. This guy hit the nail on the head when he was asked about the stock market and its direction during the interview last Monday Aug 10. He predicted that the market would turn this Friday and the reasons given sounded very plausible. Well worth a hearing again, then judge for yourself. R4 Today program about 19mins in (was at 0620 that morning). The website of “traders and investors club†worth a visit, and Kevin's name turns up during their regular meetings.
  2. Just would like to add to the points made be HonestEA – from the next step up. Working in a large West Country law practice which handles everything, from soup to nuts, so get a good overview as to what is happening in our local world, but not restricted to the West Country. They still have a large conveyancing department and have kept the staff together by “adjusting hours etc”, as they were seeing signs of a pick up, which seems to be happening and did not want to lose staff. The number of sales (in volume terms) they are handling from many EA’s and sellers in general are up, to the best for at least 4 months. The next points are interesting and reflect what I believe HonestEA is seeing, most sales are between £100K to £170K, with £170K to £250K coming a good second. Interestingly the average discount from the asking price to the sold price is about 17% to 22% in this price bracket. Above £250K sales seems to be like looking for chickens teeth, and if it does happen, then the difference asking to sale is between 20% and 35%. Strangely, above £800K (not too many sales) seem to be selling from £150K “above” asking to 30% below asking. So sales up yes, prices DOWN.........YES, so beware what you read from VI’s.
  3. Any interest to folks out there - only just heard it was on............... On Wednesday's Money Box Live Vincent Duggleby will take your questions about renting and letting and put them to a panel of experts.
  4. Sorry, should have added, Corporate, Intellectual Property & Information Technology, personal injury, commercial litigation, trust and estates, construction, crime… etc… covered by 350 staff........call it a "full house"
  5. If I was you start stacking it away under the bed…………..it’s real bad on the “dark side”, that is private industry. I work in a large law firm which played it’s cards right and covers everything from property to insolvency, and still a number of the professional people are on 4 day week
  6. Mind you, Brown and co will make sure that "their" pension pot is safe !! before the scheme closes - next election maybe ??
  7. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time and saw some documents on a desk, bungalow in Exeter area asking price at £495K, exchanging at £400K, now that’s getting realistic, kind of………….
  8. All I can say is that it was held in the South West by well known legal company and that it was twice oversubscribed – new date being fixed for next mock employment tribunal ASAP for the next batch of companies. This is not good news for the future if such a large number of companies are having to contemplate the option of “releasing people”, and taking “counsel” as to how this should be done. Apart from the families involved, what is that going to do for the housing market in this SW region?
  9. Agreed, pork pie man just killed it off......................not worth watching now.
  10. Us oldies are out there….I’m 61 and counting, gave up IT sales and marketing 4 years ago after 35 years in the business (Thank you Y2K, that was a real earner !!). Now part time working in “large” legal company, (very interesting watching the reaction to HPC on parts of the business from the inside). Wife working FULL time (good for her), financial market analyst (earns less than 20K), we are looking to pull the plug in 2 years and retire. STR late ‘03, funded kids on to property ladder 04, now off of our hands, but bank of mum and dad still gets called on. Purchased house in Devon mid 06, paid for, also have bolthole in wife’s native Nordic country. BIG thanks to all HPC folks with advice on housing, including predicting the “credit crunch” pulled private pension out of commercial property and stocks 14 months ago and placed it all in deposit account, real winner that was. And I still support a HPC for the next generation of folks so they can have the opportunities I had. Remember treat your house as a home. Plus I vote blue !!
  11. And do not forget, just at the time Mr Brown was driving round the Heathrow perimeter road to the VIP lounge, a BA 777 lost power and just made it on the runway area !!
  12. Here we go again........anyone out there know what's happening ? Just heard SAS Airlines have suspended dealings in their shares...
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