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  1. Thanks for the helpful comments. Does this mean that the area north of train tracks is generally seen as nicer? We have seen a property around Court Road (close to Eltham Palace), which was quite nice, but some areas around it looked a bit tired. Thanks for the tip with Charlton, I didnĀ“t have it on my radar, but this might be a good option as well.
  2. Hi Everybody, my wife and I have been trying to buy a property in south east London for a while and had to painfully notice that the prices escalated in the last couple of month beyond our financial means. We are therefore looking for areas which are a bit cheaper then Camberwell, East Dulwich or Brockley One area, which caught our attention is Eltham, it is admittedly quite far out and only has a train connection, but the houses seem reasonably nice, it has good schools, green areas and a function but slightly dull high street. It would be great to hear from anybody what they think of the ar
  3. Thanks for all the imput, I think we will stay clear of this on!
  4. True the location is not ideal as you can see on street view. We have actually viewed the house. It is funny if you are outsight you think no, if you go in you think yes and once you are out again I was confused. Does anybody live in this corner of Peckham, Lewisham? I do not want to easily give up, but I share the concerns.
  5. You seem to be very categorical, is there a specific reason why you think it is such a bad buy?
  6. thanks for the input, it is true the traffic is really a problem...
  7. We are thinking of buying a property on the south end of Old Kent road, very close to the train tracks. The property in itself is very nice, but this part of Old Kent Road is not the prettiest. Do you think it is a mistake to buy on such a big road in a not so nice area? Will future traffic / retail development make it even worse in the future? Will we ever be able to sell it again? Here is the link to the property: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-40520039.html Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  8. Thanks a lot for the comment. was hoping for exactly these comments, to get an impression how it is living in Camberwell.
  9. good to see that someone answers questions, even if it is his/her own one answered in a wired way... well I guess better than nothing.
  10. Nobody has any opinion? Or is it so bad that nobody would consider going there?
  11. We have been thinking about buying a property in Addington Square in Camberwell. The Square itself is nicely located very close to Burgess Park and off the main roads. However, the properties seem quite expensive and the high crime rate in this ward from the Met website irritated us. We currently rent in Kennington, where we love it, but we are not so familiar with Camberwell. What we have seen during our visits we liked, but maybe somebody with more knowledge of the area could fill us in if the Square and surrounding is OK, or if got the wrong perception by the nice architecture. Any comment
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