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  1. I do one and my brother-in-law does the other............
  2. No its not,but not many people want to do it that's why they are always advertising for drivers.Who would for 25k when you can earn 45k for driving a tube,I know which one is more stressful and it's not driving a tube train...
  3. You were way of the mark with this figure of taking home more than 30k, I was chatting to a bus driver the other day and he was telling me his shift that day started at 6am and finished at 6.30 pm with a 2 hr break in between .Now thats 10.5 hours driving on a normal day, which if it's extra busy during the olympics no doubt it could increase to 11 or 11.5 hrs which is enforced overtime.It's the same on the trains and tube if you are late finishing you can't just takes your keys out and go home when your shift officially ends. I think they have a tough job for little reward and am glad they
  4. £8 ph x 8 hr day =£64 p/day after tax around £45ish, if people really think this is a good enough wage then nurses salaries are fine, living in and around London £8 ph is no where near fine it's total rubbish.You would have to work 2 days just to fill your car up.............
  5. To take home 30k + pa would mean earning around 44k, bus drivers in London DO NOT earn that kind of money, tube & train drivers do but not bus drivers.London buses are always advertising , with slogans like earn £500 p/w* with the * in small print meaning with overtime.I for one think it's a tough job for so little reward. They deserve as much as they can get for working over the olympics..
  6. Blimey thats a bit of a blinkered outlook,so as a person if you were buying a house and you were a cash buyer you would happily try and get it for a knock down cash price because you are in a position of strength to gain.But the other way around and you were trying to sell your house for the past 2 years and a cash buyer offered you 30% less you would bite there hand off then and say thanks. God I would hate to ask you for a pay rise for fear of being sacked the following week.
  7. [ These drivers are on around 25k basic for a job that often involves more than 9hrs a day driving around London.They have of late lost there time and a half pay for working restdays for no gain, it's not a case of if they like there job or not.Most maybe do not like it but need to work instead of drawing money each week from the social but I guess you would prefer that. They deserve a £500 bonus if not more,if they had a better union behind them they would no doubt be seeking more.So good luck to them, I for one would not look forward driving a night bus full of drunks and abusive punters
  8. Why would you be pissing yourself at 3000 or more people being screwed and maybe having to start claiming benefits, along with the millions of lost revenue for the taxman.Strange!!!!!
  9. The link above is for maintenance staff, the people that work through the night fixing track etc, not Front line underground staff we have a separate deal for working the Olympics.
  10. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-24033410-tube-bosses-recruit-300-station-staff---one-year-after-axing-800.do 30,000 applicants
  11. Just to add ,salary is around 28k excluding 0/time,37.5 hrs per week,52 days a/leave + pension.Maybe the last chance to get a job via external applications.......
  12. Heads up,there is a recruitment drive next Monday for around 200 station assistants via the tfl website.I was told this earlier today and it is for external applicants.Just thought i would post in case anyone was interested....................
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