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  1. It's about striking a balance, but the level of cuts we are seeing here are wreckless. If you look at the MOD cuts and the result is the navy not being able to support ground troops. This government won't cut taxes enough for the average earner for all this to be worthwhile.
  2. But what do you base this on, hopefully not the last conservative government which was far worse.
  3. Well the fact is that the banks capitalised the profits and socialised the losses. You can't pin that on labour as it was the Tories who wanted to recapitalise the banks using tax payers money. I blame labour for not controlling house prices and allowing lenders to make huge profits from lending rediculous sums of money to wanna be property tycoons. The unfortunate average joe was then forced to over borrow to buy a home for their family. 150% mortgages etc etc and we all know what happened from there. Was Brown responsible for the property boom.....YES. Can he be blamed for the banking cri
  4. Nothing wrong with the idea of a big society but unfortunately it won't work everwhete. Big cities are nothing like small villages and for this reason it will always mean a different approach . It might be ok for a small community to take charge of a community hall or library but this becomes very complicated when your dealing with larger towns and cities. It's a very provincial idea but old England doesn't exist.
  5. What utter non sense the Tories wanted less regulation and the mess we have now would have been 100 times worse under the conservatives. Remember David Cameron and osbourne wanted the Irish model over here and look at the mess in Ireland. Socialism had nothing familiar with labour and has nothing to do with this mess. I'm not defending the last government just merely pointing out the facts. The real blame is capitalism and the unregulated financial system.
  6. There won't be three rises and not even the pm would know. The bank of England doesn't know until a couple of weeks before. Lots of people think there will three rate rises and there are also lots that think the bank of England may hold off completely.
  7. Assuming that business cares about jobs, more likely to use the savings and pay it as dividends.
  8. I don't know the numbers but many housing associations have large numbers of mixed tenure. I can't understand why people were tempted by shared ownership, it makes no financial sense. One of my biggest concerns is housing associations and how they do business. They raise capital through bonds and own large numbers of houses which are very over valued. And land prices drop surely these organisations will find it harder to sell their debts. People now own 50% of nothing and still required to pay rent at Market rents as they were 4 years ago. I really feel sorry for these poor families that h
  9. The banks run the show and when it goes wrong they know the tax payer steps in. I wish world governments would close down tax havens and start taxing these organisation.
  10. very true, people can't exactly live of the land anymore because it's being sold or built on.
  11. Fine, but how. Mechanics of this don't seem well thought out . You have to pay now if you have savings or property so how do they expect those that don't to pay......where is money.
  12. I think the conclusion is the UK is screwed no matter what we do. Our kids are going to leave uni with debts approaching 60,000. And when you consider that they want nurses to have degrees these days.... The sums don't add up. I completely see that savers are being hammered at the moment, Ive seen my own investments vanish as a result of this mess. But we can't turn the clock back to the 1980s. I work in social housing and know that it's close to breaking point. If we get an increase in repos I really don't know where the money is coming from to pay the housing benefit. The bill could tr
  13. not really, if millions lose their homes because of rising interest rates and no jobs then millions of childred will be forced into state supported housing. Considering there isn't enough state housing at the moment and you lot constantly moan about btl landlords which side are you actually on. Which in the end we all have to pay for through housing benefit. I will tell you what side, the side which is I want a cheap house side no matter what the cost. This is the reality of the situation and it's dire.
  14. Wrong......look at the last crash. What we need to do is support creative, media , film and music industries....this is something we can export. Unfortunately the uk government has just removed all support meaning that our once booming gaming industry is moving abroad.
  15. And then everything we make is too expensive.....that won't balance the books. While I can't accept many of the arguments put forward there is still no justification to raise rates to control inflation. Rates are not altered to help those with money in the bank they are there to control the economy when it's growing too quick. It's unfortunate for us all that because of the global Market most of inflationary problems our out of our control. What we need is a steady domestic Market and increased exports. The only way to get this is by low interest rates and a weak pound.
  16. exactly, too many people on here don't get real life economics. Raising interest rated in an attempt to strengthen the pound makes no sense when we are trying to balance the economy. We need strong exports not imports.
  17. and the only people to benefit are hedge fund investors, NO THANKS. I'd prefer to keep a roof over my head and see my children have some sort of a future. The only way out if this recession is to spend our way out and for this we need low interest rates. Unfortunately it's the lesser of two evils the UK really has no other option.
  18. it might cause a housing cras but it won't halt inflation, sort of defeats the object. Housing crash is no good for anyone, another crash now would leave the uk in ruins.
  19. And what would a rate rise do, it certainly won't halt inflation. To understand how to control inflation you need to look at the causes: 1. Rising stealth taxes 2. Rising cost of food 3. Rising cost of commodities, copper, gold etc 4. Rising oil prices Interest rate rise won't control the above because most of it is rising due to global pressures. It would a different story if the UK economy had rapid growth a wage growth....clearly not the case.
  20. non-sense, the torys are now three points behind labour. Labour won't get a majority now but I can't see the lib dems backing the tories with no Nick Clegg .
  21. The future won't be better if they bankrupt the country,.....to reduce the deficit they need jobs
  22. Well he would say that because he has his own personal police force and doesnt use public services.....these tories dont have a clue about the real world. This government will be gone by the end of the summer.
  23. cheap as chips, wouldn't cost more than 300 for z small house.
  24. not really true. Lib dems are losing support and so are the Tories. If there was an election today the Tories would have Less seats than labour.....and clegg wouldn't have a seat at all. I think you would see a different situation.
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