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  1. So on the basis this is so obvious, why are our politicians not seeing it: A/ They are totally criminally incompetent. or B/ They are compulsive Liars , sacrificing the British Public on their alter of greed. Either way the Press must be in their Pockets .. absolute disgrace.. we must be a right bunch of Mugs to put up with it.
  2. It amazes me everyone is going on about Greece... Spain is in a far bigger mess just that the figures are being manipulated. Anyone who has looked at the Spanish property glut and the state of there true economy can see they are going down big style , they only ever really had 2 significant contributors to the nation purse: Property Development and Tourism. And the former created a 3rd contributor .. financial services... Talk about a house of cards.. The EMF can't deal with little old Greece... can't wait to see the pathetic Eurocrat's throw in the towel as Greece ..Ireland .. Portugal ... Italy and Spain all run out of money... then of course there is France , which has been virtually bankrupt for years... complete basket case ... One other thing ..., Ed Miliband "please shut up" you hypocrite!!!!
  3. Just another example of the government manipulating the press , to try to temp some poor sucker into buying a house . Some poor b*****d will fall for it .. then get caught in the massive property value fall that has gotta come .. another debt slave and destroyed family... surely no-one believes this garbage!!! ? :angry:
  4. well at least the post started a conversation... the crazy part is when you truly understand the way that the insane wave of credit impacted on the economic performance of society.. it is horrific.. But worse still our leaders believed their own ******** ..... the same way property valuers increased property values , property values increased solely because of available credit... the economy grew because of same credit virus. The money has gone.... fact. In August we borrowed another 15 billion ... proving the government has no concept of how to run within a budget.. that money wasn't invested in projects for growth.. it was used to cover the fkin stupid running costs of a country with bad management .............. ... And they are still gifting over a billion pounds a year to overseas aid... thats just pure increased debt ... not investment, not wise.... just insane!!! My personal feeling are that the government is gonna keep massaging figures , plastering over the cracks , keep manipulating the press ... and pressuring middle England until the middle classes totally disengage from the social responsibility that keeps the UK together.. people will use banks less and less ...cash will be king ...real cash has a proper value to those holding it .. so lying on tax returns will be a respectable national pastime... There is a tipping point.. and I think we are very very close to it.. when the population really start to disrespect the government and institutions the immediate impact is huge... and once a 1000 years of compliance / respect has gone .. it will not come back.... there will be... there has to be a new social economic system .. and it will be as ugly as sin..
  5. Government did have money... we used to have a surplus then labour came in and spent the fkin lot...... and we use to have a shit load of gold till some numpty sold the lot at a freaking car boot sale!!!!
  6. NO .. Just getting p""""d off with the total b*******ks being spoken all the time .... its basic fundamental economics.. And yet no one is asking the right questions!!
  7. Growth , growth we must resume growth to be able to pay the national debt... words we keep hearing from every fkin politician , economist , Eurocrat and media both written and broadcast... And yet there is one question that no one ever asks, a simple logical question that when the answer is reconised and acknowledged would or at least should change the way this whole freaking mess is being dealt with.. So here's the question: How on earth are we going to stimulate growth ( which means to create an economy that produces more this year than it did the year before) when the growth in the 5 years to 2009 was entirely stimulated by trillions of pounds of irrisponciable credit being dropped into the economy . ? EVERY SINGLE POUND OF SO CALLED GROWTH SINCE THOSE YEARS IS COMPLETLY SET OFF BY THE AMOUNT OF CREDIT DROPPED INTO THE UK ECONOMY!!! So there was never really any growth anyway .. just a regurgitation of the credit given ......the government took a slice off every person / business that the funds passed thro ..... until we reached today when there was nothing left. There are neither the available funds to give credit or the appetite to use credit ... it.s simples ... there will not be growth.. there will be massive decline because the government is still taking a slice that the people /businesses cannot afford. The answer is simple common sence : the government MUST STOP SPENDING MONEY IT DOESNT HAVE , AND THE PUBLIC HAVE TO HAVE MORE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF WHAT WE CAN RECEIVE FROM THE GOVERNMENT. But that aint gonna happen .......so I am afraid to say its every man for himself!!!
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