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  1. Mmmm, I just don't know mate, heard it so many times before. Then again could be that I am just hitting a crisis point and I have just lost my faith on a temporary basis(I hope)... I was once a firm believer ):
  2. I have friend whose brother has been screwed over by two women over finances and homes, who was then pushed by all his friends and family to buy a small flat in a nice part of the south east in 2005. He has lost equity on it and was getting quite down with actually living in the place. He is now renting it out as he cannot sell it with the money he wants and needs and has now moved in with his brother which has worked out ok ish. As a bloke in his early 50's, and he is a bloke, real hard working mans man type of bloke, his only hope now and he talks about it all the time is that house prices are going to recover to the point where he has recovered his original asking price and given him a nice deposit to buy the next place. He has been waiting for this to happen about three years now and I do not have the heart to tell him that there is every chance that his dream is not going to happen they way he hopes it does. You have to wonder how many more people are out there hoping that prices will recover so that they can then sell.
  3. I have asked myself this question a lot in the last year after years of waiting. ALL the ingredients for a decent fall in house prices have long been in place, the biggest one as far a I am concerned is that people now have problems with cashflow, and the sale of an equity rich property(even if the asking price is dropped) can see you through some pretty rough times. I really cannot work it out, my only thought is that maybe "we are not all in this together" and the well off are just sitting tight while the poor suffer. Seems to me that there are a good deal of properties that sit on the market forever with no price reduction.
  4. If only they had done this five years ago when there were still plenty of jobs vacant and before 5 million eastern europeans invaded our shores.
  5. Relative to what happened in the 80/90s property crash are these big numbers?... they do not seem all that big to me.
  6. I have been 100% bear for 7 years now, I have slept comfortably most nights in the knowledge my day would come. ALL of the criteria that I thought was needed to create a property crash has been in place for a good while now. Tonight I am going to bed knowing that I will be waking up to an unsure outcome when it comes to property prices, I just don't know anymore. I think you will find that there are more bulls out there than you imagine
  7. Sarah O'Grady also posts on PMT Motley Fool under the handle of Kingofnowhere.
  8. Yes there is a McD, a very coloufull one just around the corner fromLiverpool street. I would like to see every protest that has anything to do with austerity cuts or economic hardship end in the city, because one way or another the Bankers are responsible. I am not going to be happy until the Bankers receive some kind of justice which untill now they have escaped.
  9. Hi 50'squiff Thanks for trying, but this does now do it for me I am afraid. Over the years I have had in my eyes more solid unquestionable proof that the housing market would collapse. I think there is still a possibility that there will be a plunge in prices, but now think it more likely to be a long drawn out affair. I based my thinking years ago on logic and that was my mistake. I thought if Mr Joe Average was earning £100 and spending £150 then eventually pure economics would take over, I never expected years later for the powers that be to try and save Joe rather than let me have my just reward at last.
  10. I have asked myself over the last year, why is that people want to see the banks go under, why do people want to see mayhem, why do people want the euro to implode, why is it they even want to see their own economy fail, they want to see strikes, inflation rising, unemployment rising, governments ridiculed, higher bankruptcies. Now I get it... It's far from being destuctive, I think most thinking hard working people are just tired of the present system where we are told by the politcians that all is fine and yet we cannot get a stake in our own society. What so many people now want is for the present system to crumble and be burnt to the ground, and from that something better is born. The only people that want to see the present structure continue are the ones that have profited and do not give a f*** about their brothers and sisters.
  11. WHAT THE f***!!! I just don't get it, people around me are losing their jobs, cannot get credit, overtime gone, taxes going up, there is nothing out there that could possibly be making the property market stronger, yet it goes up a stonking 1.2%. I have had the patience of a saint these last few years, but now I am just getting sick of it all
  12. I always have thought the word "hate" as a not very nice word and rarely use it, it's even worse than the C word in my view. I HATE KIRSTY ALLSOPP
  13. I have always had this feeling that many people in the UK on their death bed who spent their whole life obsessing about their material things and more than anything their property suddenly go "OH F***" its too late now. There is a million roads you can take in life if you choose to, sadly 99% seem to take exactly the same road.
  14. I am not saying there will be no pain, but I think we could survive it. And to be honest I have always been optimistic about the future and well before I took any interest in whether a housprice crash might take place I have always had a feeling that a big horrible event would place before we settled into something that is better for all. What is happening in Greece or in the USA or Italy or Spain, what happened to the Banks in the UK, the over paying of premiership footballers or the bubble housing market etc etc... to me these are not different events but all of the same. I am expecting fireworks from now for a while now
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