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  1. How sad that most ftb's now have this mindset, just 10 years ago a lot of ftb's probably could have afforded to buy on their own without help, although 10 years ago there wasn't such an urgency to jump on the run away train, I guess many friends just rented together then! You can just see the bubble mentality, I really believe now that it's close, these are the last attempts to get the final suckers - any which way they can!
  2. http://www.comstockfunds.com/index.cfm?act...;menugroup=Home re. US stock market bear commentary A Precarious Balance What investors want most is exactly what the consensus of economists and strategists are forecasting—a soft landing with minimal inflation, no further Fed tightening and interest rate cuts some six months down the road. This outcome is, of course, most often referred to as the Goldilocks economy—not too hot and not too cold. Unfortunately, this is arguably the least likely outcome. The economy is balanced precariously between a soft landing and recession; between inf
  3. Alarm bells ring when I read this, if so many ftb propertys are owned by btl LL's and new ones at that, the lower end market is held by weak hands, not ftb's/family's who need a roof over there heads so unlikely to sell. These late to the party LL's will be the first to sell at signs of a downturn or personal finacial difficulty (ie when they realise that it is actually costing them money) Come on, it doesn't take an idiot to work that out marina, its not a free / easy money market anymore
  4. Skip to page 71, can someone explain what Simulated House Price Shocks (Deviations from Baseline) means. Doesn't look too hot fro the UK??
  5. I think things have certainly slowed in my area in last 2/3 weeks (gravesend/dartford, Kent.) I've been running a test in rightmove for the last couple of months where I run a search of new houses on the market in the last 14 days and check the 'include STC' ( I do 3 mile radius around the post code area I live). Throughout the recent spring mini-boom there were probably a handful (5/6) of places STC within 14 days, some selling within days. In the last 3 weeks only 1 or 2. Just hoping this is the start of a new trend that leads to zero I've only noticed 2 reductions in price, still unsold a
  6. No, it's just the classic bandwagon scenario, we're still getting idiots jumping on at the top believing in the fools gold, they'll be the ones jumping as it speeds down the hill or crashing at the bottom, ahhhh thats a shame
  7. think they've just shot their own foot with that statement, house buyers will worry now of further rises leading to 2007 slowdown as mentioned in RICS statement. buyers will take a wait and see approach, sales will fall through, its all about psychology, and sentiment's now turning again taking us back to a year ago when it was actually slowing
  8. The first time ever...I seriously doubt it, have a book by Prechter says they crashed in the late 1920's, followed by the 30's depression ....'on record' when did records begin, Goldmans stock also crashed in the 29 crash so I'm sure they must have records of this, this article seems ridiculous
  9. I've been reading these guys for years now, they are perma bears on stock market and now the housing market in US, they believe that the bursting of the dotcom bubble still hasn't fully played out yet, they alway back their argument up with stats/data. The 1st link is re. bernanke and ir's in US, a good read http://www.comstockfunds.com/index.cfm/act.../startrow/2.htm http://www.comstockfunds.com/index.cfm/act.../startrow/1.htm
  10. it's just a short squeeze, some scary position out there ran for cover, there's always much volatility at tops/bottoms, the bears were getting giddy as proven by the OP , just how far can the plunge protection team take it...
  11. Its funny, I asked my parents that question if they had 3 EA valuations which would they go for say ... 330 360 and 380 ... guess what the answer was! I think I read here that some sales are falling through as surveyors are starting to disagree with EA valuations, here here! Does anyone know if the new seller packs will take that power away from EA's ie will surveyors be required to value propertys in hips before EA's ?
  12. Thats a fair point and a much better post, thankfully youve limited yourself to a few sentances. Im not saying British EAS can save the day, merely pointing out they they are having a good go at the moment. Like many others in my generation i hope they fail miserably.
  13. thanks for the economics lesson i didnt ask for! Im pretty sure EA's werent pricing properties 20-30% over land registry prices last year, at least in Barking they werent. The fact they are trying to now suggests to me they are trying to drive the market higher. If some plonker beleives the hype and offers 300k for the property i posted about, and it sells,then they will have been successful in driving up real prices ...geddit? Oh forget it, cant be bothered typing anymore to a tit like yourself, your avatar does you justice you jibbering fool...hope some others found the anecdote interestin
  14. They're far from meaningless! If an asking price can rise 15% in a flat market based on EA valuation, then it's pretty clear EA's have been the main drivers in the massive HPI! We do our research on this site, but many people when driven by desire to own may just jump in at any cost! Another notch on the chart for EA's. I have my own family telling me their own house is worth 380k because the similar unsold one down the road is on at 365k, when last year it was valued at 325k - asking prices create perception - this is not meaningless.
  15. Technically it's a 3 bed end of terrace with 3rd bedroom box room!
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