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  1. Saw this wee house come on today, and was quite interested at the initial price, but they've increased it already and put me right off. http://www.propertynews.com/brochure-property-stats?p=BSC670261&SearchID=254144996&page=2
  2. Hi all, I recently placed a bid on a house and was told there were no other viewers or interested parties. The day I bid, I was told another party had placed a higher bid and asked what I wanted to do. It seemed a bit off, and I was wondering what you guys think the chances of a ghost bidder tactic being used? The agent is one of the 'biggest' around. While it may well be someone being kept informed reacting to my bid, I wonder what you guys reckon. Don't want to be bidding against myself.
  3. Hi, I posted previously about looking for a house in South East Belfast having recently got married. We have viewed about 10 houses, most of which were 3 bed semis, with a tiny box room. We were interested in one detached house that needed a fairly large amount of work, but it ended up going for nearly 50k over its asking price! Due to the slightly underwhelming stock currently available, I am starting to look into self-build options. I'm a civil engineer, so have a bit of a grasp for what's involved, but would appreciate some advice from you lot. Specifically, I'd appreciate advice on: - Availability of self-build mortgages from local lenders (Dankse, Ulster Bank, etc.). - Reasonable price to pay for a reasonable plot of land in a decent area (seems to be a VERY wide range of asking prices about) - Approximate build costs for a 3/4 bed detached house (~£1000/m2?) - Any recommendations for Contractors to contact/ avoid. Many thanks!
  4. Great stuff, many thanks for the clear advice. I'll have a look at the RPPI. The YOY numbers ain't sprouting any green shoots yet!
  5. Hi, I'm getting married in the summer, and we are looking to get a house together in the near future. I'd like to know what the general sentiment regarding prices is in South-East Belfast. We have been keeping our eye on a few houses, quite a few of which have gone 'Sale Agreed' in the past month or so. Which is the best house price survey to refer to (UUJ, etc), as I'm aware that some don't consider repos, etc? Is there any data on area specific price changes, or is the sample size too low to be much use? It looks like there is activity, but if activity is increasing as prices continue to fall we wouldn't be too worried about waiting another year. Anyone fancy predicting price changes between now and spring 2014 in SE Belfast? Cheers!
  6. You would almost think estate agents were thick.
  7. Estate Agents' adverts on Propertynews are generally badly written, lacking information and often have no/ crap photos. Given that most people's first look at a house is online, I don't understand this. Look at this one for a wee shoebox in Omagh! http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Omagh/PNC606455/6-Tamlaght-Mews/212322138/
  8. Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a house/ apartment in the Ormeau Road area of Belfast. I have 120k to spend, and was wondering what the general opinion on the apartments in the Ormeau area is. Would a 2 bed in the Carvill Group Embankment development be worth that kind of money? Would a wee 3 bed mid-terrace be a better investment in the long term if I were to be looking to rent it out in future? Or should I just pocket the money and hide in a cave for a few years? I appreciate any wisdom that you could all share.
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