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  1. I have also seen a standstill in properties coming to the market,but i am still seeing some reductions on certain properties that have been on the market for 6 to 12 months.My search area is TF2 and TF10 Telford and Newport Shropshire.I have watched a 3 bed detatched house in an ok area drop from original asking price of £149,995 to £144,995 to £134,995 and i'm giving it more time and then i'm gonna go in at £125,000 fingers crossed! it just shows how over valued the house was as its now not far off its level i think.Any how i think there are more reductions to come in my area especially wit
  2. +1 I work in the private sector and i can say i'v had one pay rise since 2007 @ 1% !!!
  3. Agreed.I live on my own in a rented house,i pay £525.00 rent with an average national salary and there is absolutely no way in a million years i could service a 147k mortgage! even interest only i would not have thought.How is it not ilegal to print data that clearly is not true?!! :angry:
  4. +1 Thats bang on i'v seen some come on at one price then reduced within days.
  5. Mr P


    I hope your right!! I need an injection of enthusiasm!!
  6. I cringe everytime i put the bbc news on!! But that sounds extremely bearish for the beeb!! wots goin on?!
  7. I have notice a small stream of properties coming onto my search radius(TF10 Newport Shropshire) over the past 6 weeks or so.Prices appear to be pretty much static.I'v kinda given up looking now! :angry: I have been watching some executive new build houses going up over the past 12 months and as one is finished someone is moving in! were talkin about 3-400k houses! whou the hell is buying them! very depressing :angry: :angry:
  8. Absolutely shockin....... i know it takes allsorts of tastes n all that but!!! ........
  9. I'm hoping you guys can give me some advise.I recently moved some savings from ING as i was a bit spooked by them not coming under our Insurance if the euro went T@Ts up!! now its back in my Lloyds account i obviously want to move it somewhere that is safe.Some ideas would be appreciated.
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