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  1. Seriously who only earns 20k now... I don't know anyone at the moment who earns that little... even car workers are on more... people working in macdonalds are earning this at the moment after they tot up the hours... EDIT I have a friend who paints lines on a road for over 40k thats more than me, who trained for over 8 years to be able to this job!!
  2. A friend of mine just build his own house. I dont understand how everyone on here is moaning about how much a house costs, when they can just get one built... Oh i forgot you have to buy the land, ge the permision, get an architect, and builders who are reliable, spend 6 month project managing it, and they finance somewhere else to live in the meantime. I personally think that the house prices are not rising, I just think with interest rates virtually zero, and banks unstable, people think bricks and mortar is as safe as houses by comparison, and inflation proof. Inflation is our next problem, buy a house to shield yourself!!!! Joke...
  3. Why compare with july 07... when in June 07 is when northern rock had a problem... so july IMO wasnt normal... anything prior to April 07 was... PEAK...
  4. I tend to agree, but this time, I feel it will happen without massiva wage inflation to put things right! its will be long and drawn out!
  6. my flat which im moving out of on the 19th is small... as hell struggled to fit a toaster in and make anything on the work surface at the same time, also had no where to store the toaster in case you did want to use it, and have food in the cupboard at the same time!!! strange why they would do this, yet it has a dining room, which is useless as you can't cook anything... :-S
  7. 10 years ago there was record car sales... every day a new car qualifies as over 10 years old... if anyone had any sense, they would be realising that it costs more to buy a car now than it did 12 months ago... I should know, as I did... L4L its more money now, the manufacturers were aware of this potential scheme many many months ago, and all increased there prices by well over £1000 minimum, which was the manufacturers part (contribution) to the scheme, this means car makers will be raking it in, although discounting back down with a £2k discount its still 500 quid more in many cases. And they get a nice additional cheque for 1K from the government, what ever weasel at the government dreamt up this plan, needs shooting. When the government were to blame in the first place for falling new car sales, by putting £1k first year of registration road tax on Gas guzzling cars... ie a land rover discovery etc... and ford galaxy's, ford mondeo's etc. first they wreck it, then they claim responsibility for restoring it. What would have been the difference of No initial RFL, and no £2k discount... SAME PRICE OF CARS to 12 months ago... what will happen in 12 months... NO SCRAPPAGE SCHEME. Stupidity how everyone falls for the spin of BUY a new car now, its really cheap... FFS.
  9. basically, we dont supply to sole traders, nor to small partnerships. the PLC's are heavily backed by the banks, unless there is a problem with the business as a whole, in terms of failed business structures etc. its basically the about to retire SME's who take out large dividends rather than sell off the company. Some companies making losses, just arnt worth anything at the moment with out large backing of huge working capital, and financing behind them.
  10. I can confer, my company has sent out a warning about credit worthyness of SME's... Especially where owners are nearly 60yo's and looking to get out with a tidy sum, rather than try to sell a debt ridden non profit making organisation to someone who can't themselves get finance or MEW to get finance. interesting topic in the circumstances... thank you OP.
  11. interesting... I dont have this problem and shop at tesco's do you expect a higher level of service from waitrose, since you pay twice as much for the goods? Or are you just sulking and feel silly and feel like a rant?
  12. I can't imagine the government let there be a HPC AGAIN... so watch out for rising interest rates VERY soon!
  13. I agree with the sentiment that children are negatively effected by divorce not just cause of the obvious, but becuase of the fact they miss out on the childhood, with friends, neighbours, sporting activities. Children need routine and buggering off every weekend to see new sets of friends spending times in bedrooms which havent got their favourite toys or ones which have to stay at one parents etc. Its ridiculous... and no one worries about this, not even the child. they sporting venues nearby and parks... the social skills all disappear... children need stability and all divorce breeds is instability. thats my opinion. I too was the VICTIM of a divorce when my parents seperated when i was 7 I wouldn't wish it on my WORST enemy! Its horrible... least of all you just DONT understand at that age, only when you get to 14+ do you get told what really happened and the reasons for it all!!!
  14. maybe of the 4 houses built so far... 2 were sold... ??
  15. this is round 2... of the great credit crunch... pension funds... run out of funds... any Pension Funds with 31st March year ends, Beware... was a very bad time for a valuation and will have devastating effects for the company who provide the employers covenant, especially if they are not "profitable" as trustees will get very nervous. VERY VERY BAD... some major reactions to be heard... IMO
  16. I went to cinema on wednesday its was RAMMED nothing major out either... Orange Wednesdays to thank 2 4 1 I go for a carvery... lovely pub nearby.... 6 days a week only 3.50 BARGAIN cheaper than cooking at home and the beer is good value too, only 2.20 per pint. I went out for a balti last night... 4 course meal with coffee only 6.95... BARGAIN and it was full. I see the people GETTING people in the door are making the money, while the others pay staff to mill around doing nothing. You have to adjust your business to accomodate We have a local pub closing at 9 now as its not financially viable to open past this time... what with all the late licencing it makes no difference... you have to adapt your business to cope when things are tight!
  17. Im not in a risky occupation. However im always one step behind where i need to be save for 5% need 10% save for 10% get there now need 15% save for 15% get there now need 20% what will it be once ive saved up 20% assuming 25% Hwo do you jump the requirement to keep up with the mortgage market at the moment. How can you save MORE when wages stagnant, and prices increasing, council tax, supermarkets, fuel... oh... but plasma TV's are reducing price... there you go, you can save more after all... im complaining out loud, just cause im sensible and risk averse for good reason. I noticed this crash a few years ago was long approaching hence why i joined this site so long ago in 2004/05. Still chasing my tail around yet sitting on a pretty sum. grrr...
  18. yep I bet... :-) I dont wish bad luck on anyone, but there are some silly blinkered people out there thinking there is only one right thing to do!
  19. Keep saving hard mate... better oportunities around the corner ... give it 12 months, it will be worth 70k and you will have a 20% deposit! ;-)
  20. what recovery are you talking about... im talking about protecting shareholder returns with low risk mortgagees
  21. I understand your logic, but why to people sell and why do people buy. normally because they NEED to, not necessarily HAVE to. So we still have properties on the market in fact more than normal, so price is a very important issue, to market the property costs money, so agents will only do this at the right marketable price. Buyers, need a place to live but affordability will be an issue with deposits, and tighter controls on multiples. further falls in prices Barclays are predicting IMO. I will continue to save How can you say the right thing to have done would have een to pay 30% more cause it was easier to get a mortgage. Maybe as of todays figures but what about that Standard variable rate when interest rates shoot up HIGH!!!
  22. I guess most will say Barclays is not for first time buyers, but they are seeming to lead the way. Solid bank only wants the best customers? Nice work barclays I guess! Might buy some more shares in them lol
  23. Looks like there are more problems ahead according to barclays. brace yourself guys, we are approaching round 3 of the credit crunch http://www.barclays.co.uk/mortgages/
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