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  1. There was a flat in that area on an episode of HUTH. 1 bed, around half a mill, I think. There was a South African chap who was managing the project. Made a right pig's ear of it. Overspent by tens of thousands. And trashed the flat below because their plumbing was dodgy.
  2. That's the point. In the first wave there were call handlers with no training reading a script telling people to stay home. Now at least there is a lot of testing and currently people can get treatment early. Cases are still climbing nationally though, despite what some say. Though it is very regional and my area is now falling. 🙏
  3. This is what the FT are saying: Why the second wave of Covid-19 appears to be less lethal caveat: if hospitals become overwhelmed, mortality rates will increase.
  4. More bear food. 🐻🍿 Private rents in London plunge by up to 34% amid Covid crisis Private rents in London have dropped for the second quarter in a row, with some areas posting sharp falls of up to 34% year on year, while other cities led by Edinburgh have also reported a decline during the pandemic. Of the UK’s 50 largest towns and cities, Edinburgh had the biggest drop in rents, down 10%. Others including Telford, Glasgow, Gloucester and Ipswich fell 2%, while rents in Birmingham, Reading, Aberdeen, and Stoke-on-Trent slipped 1%.
  5. Only 67% furlough in the Levelled Down Tier 3 North. Surely that's going to hurt.
  6. Pull the other one, this thread is awash quack remedies and premature claims that the pandemic is over. Poster furiously churning out utter drivel day after day, repeating the same discredited nonsense. Probably half true. Shame the UK decided to spend £12 billion on outsourcing track & trace to a company with no expertise, instead of investing the money in local efforts. We might have a world beating system by now and not need the blunt instrument of lockdown.
  7. Strange, the forum sceptics keep telling us it's peaked. Yet deaths are rising. It's almost as if they're spreading disinfo.
  8. Looks like the UK is screwed then. It's peaked in the student population and now spreading to the oldies. Turns out you can't shield everyone over 60 because they visit the same shops etc.
  9. 2 weeks will do naff all. Burnham saying it needs to be stricter. We need a nice juicy 3 monther like the Aussies to crush the curve. Proper lockdown, including schools. Hibernate until January. 🙂 victoria-melbourne-makes-world-history-crushing-second-wave
  10. Gove arguing that when he said we held all the cards, he meant a pair of 2s, not 4 aces!
  11. Prof Jeremy Farrer says we're at 50k cases per day, as predicted. "The [Office for National Statistics] survey, which is the best data in the country at the moment, shows that 27,000 people are getting this infection every day. But that was until the 10 October. Today, it will be over 50,000, just as the CMO (chief medical officer) Chris Whitty and (the government’s chief scientific adviser) Sir Patrick Vallance suggested some three weeks ago. It would be at 50,000 new cases across the country every single day, and that’s almost exactly where we are. The reasonable worst-case scenario that Sage articulated has now been broached, it is worse than the situation Sage advised on three or four weeks ago. So that’s the scenario we are in today."
  12. It's a great resource. I'm tracking my local area. Worst affected looks to have peaked but it's now spreading outwards to neighbouring parishes.
  13. This one? https://coronavirus-staging.data.gov.uk/details/interactive-map
  14. France have hit 30k cases a day. Wouldn't bet against them reaching 50k/day. There's no way our government is more competent than theirs.
  15. Gammons more susceptible too, apparently. Probably a big overlap, hence why it's difficult to prove which is the predictor.
  16. Government has got to take some responsibility for people not isolating because of their useless messaging. I've got colleagues telling students they need to come in even when parents have symptoms.
  17. Johnson does. He had Tegnell on conference call with Prof Gupta only the other week! 🙈
  18. Recycled Covid swab anyone? Students given already used Covid tests Got to love those outsourcers.
  19. Would anyone be a Covid tester for £17.50 p/h? coronavirus testing centre job advertised
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