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  1. A person by the name of Tobe Hayden Leigh wanted by police in relation to this incident. Take a look at his FB profile to see what kind of tosspot does these things.
  2. Nasdaq CEO Friedman says the exchange will halt trading in a stock if they link unusual activity to social media chatter
  3. Buy and hold. Beautiful. Nasdaq threatening to intervene.
  4. 14 consecutive days of over 2k deaths a day. No doubt someone will say 1348 didn't die today. 🙄 Over 500 cases at the DVLA since September. It's unsafe workplaces, people.
  5. Well that was a barrell of laughs. No wonder Hancock has been telling everyone that it'll be a staycation at best this year.
  6. I'm currently WFH but have colleagues who are desperate to get back in and trying to find reasons why we should all go in. Mentalists. 🤯
  7. Pesto says new variant "may be a bit more lethal". Don't want to scare the masses, Pesto.
  8. It was reported back in March that the Home Secretary wanted to close the borders. This must be a case of ideology over ruling logic. Remainers would generally be opposed to closing borders because free movement. And Brexiters wouldn't want to close borders because it would show that we could control them if we wanted. Maybe that's why they've waited till now.
  9. Hard to say. Many who can't afford to isolate if you get a positive test aren't getting tested. Who knows what numbers these are? Seems plausible.
  10. Deaths in April were 1,000 a day, the level we're at now. Cases were lower because we weren't testing enough to find them. Which suggests that cases in April were at current levels or higher.
  11. Summary of the UK vaccination numbers and possible reasons to be hopeful. (Unless you're an anti vax fruit loop.)
  12. Nice video that shows what nonsense some people have been posting on this forum for months.
  13. Sounds horrific 😰 Quite a few hospitals in England have been close to not being able to provide enough oxygen.
  14. The Telegraph has been told to publish a correction relating to all the Covid disinfo Toby Young has been spewing in his column. Whoppers like this is May ""in some parts of the country – such as London – the virus is expected to have completely vanished by the end of next month." " Should also include this person. The profile pic vs reality should tell you all you need to know about Allison Pearson.
  15. I would think only a minority are WFH. All those factories, warehouses etc out of site. Ideal conditions for virus transmission. #COVIDisAirborne Operation 'blame the public' wilfully ignores Covid-unsafe workplaces
  16. What I meant by that phrase was that he was the thorn in the side of the let it rip herd immunity mob. Until the sting.
  17. Yes. Interesting that denier bogeyman Ferguson is now talking about herd immunity, giving it a figure of around 20-30% I think.
  18. I would guess that in the workplace would be high on the list. Also a lot of transmission at hospitals obviously, and care homes. And to think, back in March 2020 some were claiming that Coronavirus may have infected half of UK population. 🙄
  19. Great news. There are reports of surgeries being told they can't move on to group 3 until the rest of the country has levelled up. Think this means they don't get new deliveries rather than wasting stock they have.
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