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  1. "Dominic Cummings" has now entered golf slang. "A long drive that goes out of bounds but attracts no penalty." I'll get my coat. 🧥
  2. #winning is what Cummings used to tag his Tweets isn't it? Boris has burned a lot of political capital saving his Chief of staff. He has also been exposed as not across the basics of his own government policy. Cummings' weakness is that he's reliant of the patronage of the Prime Minister. Are there any one nation Tories left in the party that could oust the psychopaths currently running the country?
  3. This article claims Boris told Cummings he could "run number 10 in return for getting Johnson through Brexit. Cummings has what he'd long desired, a dominant position from which to take control of the British state." Imagine how much damage he could do given 6 months.
  4. I haven't seen Priti Patel tweet her support of Cummings. Is she deemed not important enough? Don't want to involve the laydeez?
  5. Infection rate is too high, there will be a second wave Of course this will be too much effort for Government to save expendable plebs. Good job we're saving businesses from all this red tape nonsense.
  6. So he is. Weston Super Mare. Where the hospital is over flowing with Covid patients. She said it should be "locally led", which is encouraging. Think a lot of contact tracers are employed by Serco, run by Rupert Soames, brother of Nicholas, grandson of Churchill. Covid capitalism.
  7. Brexit voting farmers squealing that Tory MPs have had their pants down with the Agricultural Bill : Farmers betrayed by Conservative Government
  8. Ex Talk Talk boss Lady Harding is chair of NHS Test & Trace. Her Wikipedia page is not encouraging: "TalkTalk boss Dido Harding's utter ignorance is a lesson to us all".
  9. 😆 cancelled. Talking about target for 24hr turnaround for covid tests.
  10. Has she visited any of her other homes during lockdown, do you know?
  11. I was wondering what the point of the queen was. There was me thinking she was just sitting on her bum after doing that Vera Lynn vt. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  12. Go back and edit your comments so that your predictions are correct.
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