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  1. just wondering what the current state of affairs is. this will do.
  2. Sales of £1m-plus homes dropped 11% in first half of 2015
  3. ticket2ride

    Tax Relief On Buy To Let Mortgage Interest.

    Imagine someone owning, say, 900 properties earning nothing...
  4. Bad luck John McKay, you backed the wrong horse. It's the knackers yard for BTL Boy. Best strategy would be to sell up faster than you landlord neighbour.
  5. ticket2ride

    Tax Relief On Buy To Let Mortgage Interest.

    PMSL. Any decent Wilson wannabe will be mortgaged up to the hilt. Suck it up.
  6. ticket2ride

    Tax Relief On Buy To Let Mortgage Interest.

    Osborne drops tax bombshell that will wipe out bulk of buy-to-let profits
  7. ticket2ride

    Toby Anstis And His Btl Portfolio

    talentless twerp
  8. search update Current 3 bed houses under £350,000 SE4: 0 SE6: 9
  9. Yep, it's those pesky Francs that are the problem. Not the £s they're trying to pay the CHF mortgage in.
  10. It's like "A Place in the Sun" West Brom Cyprus special.
  11. When a dream holiday home abroad becomes a nightmare No-one made you sign the contract!
  12. My point was I've never heard of interest only loans for bicycles. They seemed to be using it as a proxy for that which dare not speak it's name, mortgage debt. And the debt not being inflated away in a deflationary environment.
  13. BBC was reporting that there may be interest rate cuts, Guardian goes with Bank of England says interest rates may rise sooner than expected
  14. The state broadcaster has just been repeating the deflation bad mantra. Using the example of borrowing £1300 to buy a bike. Said that in ten years the debt will still be £1300. Er, yeah, if you buy your bike with an INTEREST ONLY loan over 10 years. See what they did there? Thing is, I'm sure you can buy a bike for a fraction of that.
  15. Made nowt on it in 9 years but still wants to keep it. If she wanted to do her super stressed hubby a favour she'd tell him to sell up.

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