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  1. Yes. You're a liar. Plenty of veterans on here know the real story behind "Bruce Banner".
  2. BB's situation is so contrived and atypical that it's quite obviously a load of cobblers. Not that it really matters because this is only the Internet.
  3. Because very few people in the UK give a flying f**k what happens sausage-side. Nobody cares about German domestic politics unless they are having one of their periodic lapses into bellicose totalitarianism. Another bout of which they are overdue for, I'll grant you.
  4. No need to resort to JihadTV, the German protests were on Reuters and in the FT. And just about every German media outlet.
  5. It's got nothing to do with being a shopaholic or materialistic. The AIBU forum just vividly demonstrates how the experience of being married with kids in 21st century Britains flays the flesh from a man's bones. One pathetic passive-aggressive confrontation at a time over the course of decades.
  6. I reckon every 16 year old lad should be sat down and made to read the "Am I Being Unreasonable" forum on mumsnet for about 4 hours. Just to let them know they're signing up for about 50 years of that ******ing shit if they decide to get married and have kids.
  7. When Vodafone bought Mannesmann they borrowed the money through a Luxembourgois subisidiary and hence some of the interest payments (from Germany) ended up there. HMRC thought this was a UK tax liability for Vodafone and unsurprisingly Vodafone disagreed and there were several court cases but no conclusive resolution. HMRC and Vodafone eventually did a deal where Vodafone paid about 1.5bn quid. Various people think the liability should have been closer to 6bn and HMRC just didn't try hard enough to get that extra 4.5bn.
  8. My entry from the last time we did this thread 3 years ago... Interesting to look back. Was anything ever easier than making money in the UK property market from 1997-2007? 3 years later, I've built a house on that land in Australia and am now retired and living in it. I've still, in theory, got the place in Tallinn but it's been empty for almost 5 years and is probably worth much less than the 48k sterling I paid for it.
  9. These one last blowout threads get earlier every year. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=2302198
  10. How would that manifest itself in this circumstance? The Polish are going to refuse to work in the new tea factory?
  11. Just wait until the election, no hang on, wait until the October spending review. Christmas, yeah, that's it, just wait until Christmas.
  12. Do you mean WS is actually worse than a pile of shit or he's a saint?
  13. Wayne Swan is a pile of shit in human form but this is lamentable even by his standard. "especially on Melbourne Cup day". Christ.
  14. I don't think the imminent LNG boom will be quite so Perth-centric. Northern WA is where the stellar growth will be.
  15. Wallonia = French and German speaking communities. Flanders = Dutch speaking community.
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