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  1. The simplest explanation is usually the best, so much has been published about WWII that if there were anything in this story I think it'd be easy to find a source. Possibly a version of chinese wispers, the teacher heard a slightly wrong version of the story, recounted a slightly different one and you've remembered it differently still.
  2. Interesting link, particularly the part about the Russian's $250,000,000 budget for this kind of thing. Using some simple math that suggests somewhere 10,000 people working full time on polluting the news feeds, which kind of explains why one or two of them appear to have turned up on here.
  3. Did we actually try to do that? I can't find any reference to it. I know the Germans did try to do this (Operation Bernhard) and produced £135,000,000 of counterfeit notes but in the end they were diverted to other purposes and only a tiny fraction were used.
  4. It's a very misleading headline. The point is that the council could seek an injunction requiring the owners to let/sell the property, if they persistently ignored that then it would be contempt of court leading to criminal penalties. Chances of anyone being jailed for this are tending towards zero but that's because no sane person would consistently ignore a court order and in any event a more sensible remedy would be confiscation and auction of the property.
  5. Didn't they try that in 2001 and 2005? How did that work out? TBH the problem is the social media and the modern 24 hour rolling news environment. In the quest for stories a minor faux-pas becomes a media storm and resigning issue, UKIP have had a much easier ride so far hence their apparent popularity. The 2015 election could be very interesting.
  6. 2009/10 the budget deficit was 11% of GDP, now we're down to ~6% - no mean achievement in the circumstances. If Ed Bo11ocks had been running the show we'd likely be at the IMF by now.
  7. IIRC the majority of the people in the occupied areas are or were Ukranian speakers.
  8. About half of all kids leave school without 5 good GCSEs and TBH that isn't a terribly exacting standard. That's going to have a major effect on productivity. Tax credits don't help, since they encourage people to take low wage, part time jobs and actively discourage any kind of carreer advancement. Factor in that we are paying the unskilled to breed like rabbits whilst taxing the productive out of existance and things aren't going to get any better soon.
  9. It's a very difficult election to call, how many seats will the LD's be able to hold? How many seats will UKIP swing from Con to Lab? Will Labour be able to hold onto its Scottish seats? I think there's a good chance it will be very difficult to form a stable government after the election. Both major parties could be some way short of a majority, the LD's could be too small to be effective coalition partners (and might not be willing to join the Conservatives anyway), any government could well be dependant upon the support of the SNP that may be withdrawn at any time. Could be very interesting.
  10. The Cretin Brown managed to get government spending up to 48% of GDP in 2009/10, if that's not socialism then what is? I suspect that those making claims about socialism being dead are simply not members of one of labour's favoured groups.
  11. Sounds to me like the HA's are whinging 'cos they can't offload otherwise unlettable crud to HB tennants and are having to spend ££££££ doing them up.
  12. We import far more from the EU than they do from us so where does the balance of power lie? Why would the likes of Germany etc wish to exclude themselves from our markets? I suppose it's possible that the commission could overrule the members wishes and cut their own nose off but if that's a realistic prospect it sounds like a very strong arguments to leave.
  13. I guess it's a question of motivation, after what the Germans did in Russia the Russians weren't going to be taking any prisoners; the Germans knew exactly what was coming their way so they had plenty of motivation as well, us and the yanks less so. It'd be interesting to know if Jerry fought as hard on the western front as on the east, my guess is not.
  14. Possibly, but presumably the acrimony is more in Holyrood rather than Westminster so that probably won't be so much of an issue. But my point is Millibrain would be the SNP's b1tch; the SNP wouldn't be in government so they'd wouldn't take any damage from the wierd Ed fiasco but they could get whatever they wanted in return for support on matters of confidence, best of both worlds for them. Millibrain will of course do whatever it takes to get into government, can't see the SNP backing the Conservatives so it's either a minority Labour government with an overt S&C agreement or a minority lib-lab coalition with an implicit S&C.
  15. Fair enough, that's one area that I don't like but it's hardly the whole of their agenda. TBH help2buy is pretty minimal IMO anyway - window dressing really.
  16. I've said it elsewhere but IMO the most likely scenario (based on current polling) is both labour and conservative neck and neck on 280-90 seats, SNP second on 40, LD reduced to 15-20 and UKIP 1 (Douglas Carswell). Milliband forms a minority government supported by SNP on a supply and confidence basis with the understanding that the English get a***raped any time the Scots feel like it.
  17. Payroll vote. BBC bias. UKIP splitting the vote on the right.
  18. Most likely UKIP pick up enough votes to swing 25 seats from Con to Lab but end up with no MPs; the LD implosion will make up for Labour's Scottish seats that go to SNP. Both major parties therefore end up on about 280-90 seats; what's left of the LDs are too small to form a coalition and weird Ed gets to run a minority government backed by the SNP on a supply and confidence basis, with the understanding that the English get to grease up and bend over whenever the Scots want. What a ghastly thought.
  19. Just goes to show the size of Labour's payroll vote plus the power of the BBC.
  20. They're happy to rely upon sanctions in that case but what happens if the sanctions work and Vlad starts to gamble?
  21. 227 with a further 185 in reserve, the French and Germans have similar numbers. The Russians in comparison have 2,000+ although how well their T90 stacks up against NATO competitors I don't know. Basically we're relying upon the Americans totally.
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