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  1. I am. No there isn't. Get yourself a s*** accountant and maybe, so long as HMRC don't look too hard and you're not too worried about large unexpected tax bills if they do.
  2. More to the point you're always going to get some kind of tax thread this time of year ahead of the tax return deadline. HMRC are using the press to try and scare people into declaring their income, BTL is a hot topic so their shouting about it this year.
  3. US economy > $18,000,000,000,000 Russian economy < $1,000,000,000,000 Let me know when that changes.
  4. Regardless of the currency they use, the global price of oil will continue to be set in US$ and the price will simply be a function of the US$/Hamster exchange rate. I'm using the phrase dollars loosely, but not unreasonably given that it's still the benchmark currency for the world economy.
  5. Oil is traded in dollars, as far as the Russians are concerned dollars and money are pretty much the same thing.
  6. So long as they have the dollars to pay for it, which at $60/barrel they don't. Re "stolen us tech", I think you fundamentally misunderstand how economies work. The problem the Russians have is that there is almost no private industry thanks to the lack of any meaningful property rights, not much point in nicking the plans for the latest i-whatever if there's nobody willing or able to make it. The size of the Russian economy is now somewhere between Mexico and the Netherlands, let me know when the west starts losing.
  7. Really? You've been on the ground in the Donetsk conflict are, hats off to that!. So what's really going on?
  8. These are "facts" according to RT aren't they. Regurgitating the Kremlin line without even realising it.
  9. Lets start with this one: i.e. Ukranian government = fascist death squad and anyone who disagrees with the Kremlin line is a Nazi. Do you not even realise that you're doing it?
  10. Regurgitating Kremlin propaganda does not equal informed.
  11. Hang on a minute. These people are now de facto living in a Russian province, siezed by force from the Ukraine but it's still the Ukranian government's responsibility to feed, water and cloth them? The level of delusion coming out of the Kremlin apologists is frankly absurd.
  12. Pretty sure your friends on RT would be shouting it from the rooftops if there were any there.
  13. Eh? How many NATO troops are there in Ukraine? How many NATO SAM launchers, tanks etc?
  14. Agreed, don't agree with Adolph and Joseph but they certainly stood for something.
  15. Not aware that Mr Skinner was ever in power. If you want opinions like that then the last person I can think of in power left office in 1945. Edit: maybe 1953.
  16. On a lighter note: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/vladimir-putin/11298571/Vladimir-Putin-named-Russias-Man-of-the-Year-for-the-15th-time-in-a-row.html Vladimir Putin named Russia's 'Man of the Year' - for the 15th time in a row Russian president proves too popular yet again for his rivals, sweeping up 68 per cent of the public vote in competition he has dominated since becoming prime minister in 1999
  17. Doubt it, no amount of financial engineering is going to remove the need to fill up your car, heat your house, or any of the other real world demand for the oil.
  18. To be fair to the Chinese, their economy is 5 times the size of Russia's and isn't a one trick pony energy producer. What were seeing here is less the effect of sanctions and more the effect of reliance on oil/gas exports that are being revolutionised by shale technologies.
  19. Meanwhile in other news: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30493967 "UK inflation rate at 12-year low of 1% as fuel costs fall"
  20. The story behind that is BAE are heavily involved in the JSF project, so the carriers were designed to prevent any other aircraft from using them. Whether it's possible to retrofit them with angled decks and cats I don't know.
  21. Not even remotely plausible. First off: the conflict lasted just over 2 months, nowhere near the amount of time required to stage an operation like that. Secondly: the Argentine inflation problems started in the mid 1970s, which means that either MI6 was forging peso's in anticipation of an Argentine invasion or the story is bulls***. Quite simply, why bother undermining someone's currency when they're quite capable of doing it all by themselves.
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