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  1. To clarify, I am absolutely not suggesting that you should cease posting (I had thought this was clear from the later paragraphs) I do however think that I have a fair point in that the members of this site are not (I think) representative of your view of the under 30 population of the UK, whether or not your view as a whole is fair.
  2. With all due respect to Billy-G, I really do think he has mis-read the readership/membership of this site. The vast majority of the members of this site are well qualified, hard working, well paid professionals, not "kids on crap degrees leathering debit (credit?) cards". Interestingly whilst he refers to "thousands of marketing graduates" approximately half of the membership has degrees in sciences and related subjects (according to the pinned topic on the main board). IMHO the £90 shirts etc don't fly off the shelves to the typical readers of this site but to predominately non-graduates who also generally tend to populate most clubs etc. I would like to thank billy-g for his contribution, these sites thrive on open debate and not the petty abuse that sometimes takes over. Finally, a question; if billy-g were in the 25-35 age bracket today, would he expect to be able to afford the house he lives in today at any point in his future? My guess is not but I would like to know.
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