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  1. Bucks CC has a terrible reputation for road maintainance. The town centre is ok during the day but deserted after about 6 except for the usual hoodies.
  2. One point that is raised in this article (& I think similar articles) is that lenders seem to be more willing to take repossession action earlier. I wonder if lenders are secretly expecting a fall and want the most risky loans repaid ASAP before the borrowers are plunged into negative equity?
  3. Much easier to be a chav, especially if they are effectively beyond the reach of the law. What's the point in working for a living if the Government will give you everything you need and you can steal everything else. Could be an interesting new thread, what do you do about this vermin (red hot pokers and similar not allowed)
  4. Could be worse, I hear that the latest craze in west reading is to firebomb cars; quite a few have been done I hear. Fxxxing scum the lot of them
  5. I think the problem is that most people in the UK don't understand that the storys in the media predicting continuing rises come from VI's. It is only when you start looking beyond the headlines that you can understand that the current situation is a bubble, unsupported by any change in the fundamentals of the housing market. I don't really think it is a gender issue here as HPCers find themselves in a minority.
  6. Me thinks they will be able to afford a better house.
  7. Yep, as I understand it too many tennants enter the process without professional representation and end up getting stuffed as a result.
  8. When I first saw yes minister & yes prime minister I thought it was a comedy, I now know that it was a documentary!
  9. More to the point, enforcement seems to be much more about raising revenue than road safety, having been contracted out to "safety camera partnerships"
  10. I'm scared of flying! Although very definately in the bear camp, I would encorage people to think about the local market rather than the national market when making a decision. I am not really up on your area but a 30% increase over 3 years does sound like a bubble to me.
  11. Gut instinct - usually a dodgy curry the night before.
  12. The are two main reasons why property companies are unwilling to drop quoting rents (hence high vacancy rates): 1. It provides comparative evidence to be used against them in a rent review (usually every 5 years) 2. Investment properties are recorded in the accounts at market value (rather than historical cost - per SSAP 19). The market value is based on value in use which depends upon the quoting rent, cutting the QR can therefore wipe hundreds of millions of pounds off of the value of the company. For these reasons property companies are willing to accept a high vacancy rate.
  13. The problem with the LR figures is the length of the delay, Sept 05 figures reflect sales completed in that period however in many cases the sales would have been agreed as far back as the end of last year. Q1 should be interesting but I would not expect any major drops to appear in the LR data until Q2 & 3
  14. Just curious, is PG's true identity revealled?
  15. More an argument for not buying Fiats than not buying new.
  16. Will people please stop saying that interest rates are at historically low levels, it is not correct. Nominal rates are at low levels however have been shown to have no effect on house price fundamentals. Real interest rates (the ones that matter) are at about the same level as they have been for many years.
  17. Why would anybody want an ea's opinion on the future of the housing market? This like asking a double glazing salesman if you need double glazing.
  18. Out of interest which HPC's actually said that the crash was coming this year? The fact that the market has not yet crashed does not mean that current prices are stable, only that we are still in the bubble.
  19. Oh dear, bit of circular logic going on here. HPI is high because the real rate of interest is low because HPI is high or to put it another way HPI is high because HPI is high. For the avoidance of doubt, Real interest rate = Nominal interest rate less inflation (as a whole, not simply one special class of asset) To learn more about asset price bubbles I suggest you check out the following link: http://www.econ.ox.ac.uk/members/andrew.fa...t2UKHousing.pdf
  20. Interesting point raised by Andrew Farlow (second paper); in the media bulls are always referred to as "experts" and bears as "doomsters". With bias like this can we believe anything we read in the media?
  21. Actually, as a qualified accountant I must disagree with you on this point.
  22. Is this the trigger we have all been waiting for?
  23. Not really, sounds like he bought as a place to live and was badly burnt. Can't really blame him if the media keeps insisting that prices must rise forever.
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