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  1. I have to say that knowing a few people who have been in contact with it recently I shudder at the thought of using the current system.
  2. I think more fundamentally we need to work out what it is actually for; is it going to be a gold standard service providing the latest treatments regardless of cost or is it going to be a basic safety net offering cost effective treatments in limited areas with those who can afford to paying for insurance on top. We also need a grown up debate about what is affordable. Can the country afford to spend 7-8% of GDP and rising or more precisely £1 in 5 of all tax revenue on the NHS alongside pensions, other welfare payments and still have enough left for other areas of government spending. Based on the current state of the public finances I seriously doubt it. Chances of either happening in the forseeable future = 0.
  3. Not quite. Most politicans use a little bit of con-man to defend themselves from rivals using equally dubious tactics; Bliar was nothing but con-man, he had no idea what to do once in power, for him power was the end in itself.
  4. First class con-man, fifth rate politician. I think weird Ed can do that all by himself.
  5. The Economist has a blog on this from a couple of days ago: http://www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2014/05/inequality-0 Hopefully they're a bit more relaxed over copyright: THIS morning, the Financial Times leads with a striking allegation: "Capital in the Twenty-First Century",...is fundamentally flawed thanks to errors in the data backing the book. Mr Giles's analysis is impressive, and one certainly hopes that further work by Mr Giles, Mr Piketty or others will clarify whether mistakes have been made, how they came to be introduced and what their effects are. Based on the information Mr Giles has provided so far, however, the analysis does not seem to support many of the allegations made by the FT, or the conclusion that the book's argument is wrong. More at the link.
  6. 3/5 aint bad, but lets not go there with the rest.
  7. I think it's fair to suggest that the two do tend to go hand in hand.
  8. The key difference is that the constitution is a basic law that can be enforced through the US courts and is very difficult to change by any government wheras the BOR is an act of parliament that can be changed at will by any other act of parliament. The last change to the US constitution was the 27th that was ratified in 1992, which is a mere 202 years after it was submitted for ratification. The fact that it delays increases in congressional salaries until after the next election is I'm sure entirely co-incidental to the unusually long ratification period.
  9. Conservatives managed 50.3% in 1900 and 55% in 1931. Also the current government received a combined 57.3% of the votes cast and (stretching things a bit) the Lib-Lab pact of 1977 received 59.5% of votes cast in the 1974 election. Generally I don't think it's surprising that no party can win an overall majority in a multi-party system, so one is left with a choice of accepting the imperfections of the current system or adopting a PR system with all of the attendant problems that system brings.
  10. Bit of a strawman there. You are assuming that if we left the EU we would not be able to negotiate a free trade agreement similar to Norway and Switzerland, would lose access to the EU single market and see the likes of Nissan close their plants down. The reality is that we import far more from Europe than we export to them, it is unlikely in the extreme that the remaining EU members would block a free trade agreement.
  11. To be fair to Thatcher, Bliar managed to decieve a very large number of people.
  12. Not sure what you're talking about but I think I'm on solid ground.
  13. Ok, I'll bite. I don't speak Russian so it's hard to comment but most of those clips seem to involve a handful of people so it isn't exactly the Nuremberg rally. The larger gatherings appear to be football fans, which is rather like using the Chelsea headhunters as an example of prevailing attitudes within the UK. Also bear in mind that there is a substantial neo-nazi movement within Russia and these pro-Russian sepratists appear to fall within that group.
  14. Quite a lot. The Ukraine crisis looks disturbingly similar to Czechoslovakia in 1938 and we all know what happend next.
  15. The difference is that nobody is spamming the forum with pro-US propaganda.
  16. It is you who is trying to deceive. Quick, you've been found out, change the subject: Was the penalty death? Seriously, a kid suspended from school for a couple of days by some halfwit teacher, meanwhile the Russians are annexing by stelth another country. Do you really want me to start listing out all of the politicians and journalists murdered at Putin's behest?
  17. Thanks, that quote in full: "Since the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government - all that is necessary to achieve the objectives of Ukraine’s European. We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals." So what you have there is a perfectly reasonable statement about supporting democracy over a period of 25 years edited and recycled to pretend that it was an admission that the US government was attempting to overthrow the Ukraine government. A classic example of propaganda in action.
  18. It would be remarkable if a country's ambassador and foreign ministers did not discuss such a thing. Source for that claim (not RT derived please). 60 and 40 years ago respectively, neither of which provides any support for your cliam. Not really, but then I'm not paid to spam forums with government propaganda.
  19. Kurt, What happens if the Ukranians cut off the 4 gas pipelines that pass through their territory?
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