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  1. They're expected to run a second home in the capital and an office in their constituency, given property prices in the country that amount is hardly exceptional. And yet we worry about the country being run for the benefit of boomers as things stand, how much worse would that make things?
  2. That wasn't funny the first time, it's getting a bit sad now. Or the Telegraph just checked his expenses claims. Incidentally that £500,000 figure looks big doesn't it, well it does unless you divide it by the 13 years he has been an mp. £38,000 per annum actually looks like pretty small beer compared to some, The Cretin Brown claimed over £144,000 in 2011/12 alone, Jon Cruddas a stonking £171,110.34, Ed Bo11ocks £157,000, Yvette Cooper (wife of the aforementioned) £164,000.
  3. It's always possible that he's telling the truth, after all if you were going to invent an excuse surely you could do better than "the housing allowance isn't big enough". His personal prospects could well have something to do with it, though not necessarily those of the government. He's a 3rd tier minister (parliamentary under secretary of state) and he's 50 years old, realistically he might make it to the second tier after the election but that's as far as he's going to go. Frankly what's the point in slogging your guts out as a junior minister and putting your family under strain when you can make far more working in the private sector.
  4. Interesting that those are all 2/3 bedders, 3 teenagers is pushing it in a 3 bed house, totally out of the question in a 2 bed one. I'll take an educated guess that the larger properties aren't in the best areas so the link kinda proves Mr Simmonds point.
  5. Can you imagine the headlines if the banks were selling them retail and did convert them to equity? The Wail would be nothing but stories about heartless bankers stealing granny's life savings and giving her worthless shares in return. It'd make PPI look like nothing.
  6. I'm not sure there's a great deal of mileage in arguing about definitions of nouns but if it helps: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tax?s=t&path=/ 1.a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc. 2.a burdensome charge, obligation, duty, or demand. There's no reference there to what services you consume. In either case I'm sure you'll agree that SL repayments are very similar to income taxes in effect.
  7. Thing is, with drones, 97% is probably good enough. You never need to fly the things outside of war since there's no training to be done, you could literally keep them in a warehouse for years before you use them at which point who cares about a 3% loss rate?
  8. That was the original idea but the reality is that streets and lighting are built by the developers and then "adopted" by the council, school places are funded by central government and the remaining services are covered by council tax anyway. These days s.106 is a revenue stream pure and simple. Re the second point, why should the council be entitled to extract the planning gain? The planning gain only exists due to the artificial shortage created by the planning system so quite that gain should be seen as belonging to the council I don't know.
  9. So has anyone actually suggested that the poor should adhere to a work ethic? I thought the debate was about incentivising them to work rather than relying upon state handouts.
  10. What exactly is he trying to argue this time? To be honest I find his convoluted posting style and pseudo-logic frankly impenetrable and I'm not going to wade through 18 pages to find out. Based on past experience he's trying to confuse marginal tax rates with absolute levels of income and argue that if we cut tax rates we should also increase benefits or vice versa. This talk of morality and self-interest is a red herring, does anyone actually think that anyone has a moral responsability to work? I have no problem with the poor acting in their self-interest1 so long as they don't object to reform of the system to discourage excessive drain from the public purse. 1. excluding fraudulent acts.
  11. See Spyguy's post on Teeside, the fact that you don't know anybody like that doesn't mean that they don't exist and the fact that you quote your location as "london central" suggests that you don't move in the kind of circles where you would meet such people.
  12. Labour's election strategy appears to be to announce 1,001 unrelated and often contradictory policies, harvest the fawning praise from the BBC the quietly drop the policy and hope that no-one notices, this will be the same. This reached a nadir yesterday with Ed Bo11ocks giving a pro-business speech at the same time as Len McLusky was praising Ed Millibrain's radical agenda and spouting the usual socialist drivel.
  13. So in IndyWorld gas and electricity should be provided free of charge and funded directly by the taxpayer. That seems to be the logic of this story.
  14. Presumably he got bored with anyone who doesn't buy into the anti-capitalist groupthink being described as Tory HQ sock puppets, which is a shame because he did contribute one or two interesting things,
  15. The problem isn't a lack of council houses, it's a lack of houses period. It was labour who opened the floodgates to immigration without expanding the housing stock to cope, it was Labour who stood idly by whilst lunatic lending practices inflated the current bubble, it was labour who encouraged all those people onto benefits in the first place. I don't remember a problem like this in 1997, do you?
  16. I particularly like this line: "The only serious criticism of the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive."
  17. Typical Milliband, announce a policy one minute, change your mind next.
  18. Simply because most of the other EU welfare systems are contributions based wheras the UK's is needs based, hence the large number of UK citizens who manage to spend their lives on it without ever doing a days work.
  19. The source is referenced as "ONS Effects of Tax and Benefits on Household Income, 2013" although I can't find this on the ONS website, possibly they are using the 2011/12 dataset, here is the statistical bulletin. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/dcp171778_317365.pdf The chart on page 5 and the supporting data is probably the most useful although it divides the dataset into quartiles rather than deciles, the bottom quartile are paying £4,700 p/a in direct and indirect taxes (my guess is the bulk of this is fuel duty, council tax, booze and fags) but are getting £7,400 back in cash benefits so it's a bit of a moot point whether their tax position is £4,700 out or £2,700 in. The Equality Trust are taking the position that cash benefits should be ignored, which does then give the result that a high % of income is paid in tax and that this is unfair, which seems reasonable enough but it does ignore the fact that all of the tax is paid back to them. One could equally conclude that the poorest pay no tax whatsoever but that doesn't generate the sort of headlines needed by left leaning political campaigning organisations looking to raise their profile and generate some funding. Edit: possibly the bottom decile figures are different, there is more data on the ONS website if someone wants to investigate further.
  20. I remember reading that in Cuba parents wanted their daughters to grow up to become working girls, paid in US$ they earn more in a weekend than a doctor earns in a month. I'll see if I can find the source.
  21. I wonder how much of this is down to increasing reliance on wind power. Approx 12% of capacity now comes from onshore and offshore wind, which needs possibly 80% - 90% backup that, because of wind's preferential access to the market, is going to be idle for a lot of the time. Is the problem therefore that it just isn't economic to have further capacity to backup the backup.
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