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  1. Do you have any serious answers or just abuse for "the Westminster Elite"?
  2. Fair enough, I misunderstood your original post and the fact that the Morlocks live under England is entirely coincidental. That said if you're planning to blame 'fatcher for the the next 800,000 years you're probabaly not ready to run you're own country. I'm surprised that your a fan of Victorian era English fiction.
  3. I think you've just shown your true colours there. Imagine if any of us described the Scots as "A dumb blind retarded ape-like creature that loves to chow on human flesh and lives in a far future. They descended from the humans who are shoved up into underground world by catastrophic events and became so primitive that their brains decreased in size......", I think that would probably be grounds for prosecution. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Morlock
  4. I think the one thing an independent Scotland would excel at is dreaming up excuses for why the English/'fatcher are to blame.
  5. So what he's saying is that Scotland will make such a hash of running its own affairs that in the end they'll accept that they do actually have to work for a living. I doubt that's an argument you'll hear advanced by any Nats though. I'll agree with that in principal but my guess is that it'll take 50 years, involve multiple financial collapses and reduce Scottish living standards to that of the third world. Actually the evidence from Argentina is that could well take longer than that, they've been going down the tubes for as long as you like to mention and there's still no sign of improvement.
  6. That's one way of looking at it, although given the political landscape in Scotland I think one can reasonably question how well they will be able to do that. It also casts doubt on the viability of the Scottish government finances since you're probably talking ITRO £10bn tax revenue forgone. Maybe if you're willing to wait 50 odd years then they'd be able to sort it out, until then most likely they'll spend their time blaming 'fatcher and the English (which'll blow another big hole in their tourism economy).
  7. And who brought us all of those disasters? Why it's Scotlands own Gordon Brown and Tony Bliar and Scotlands dominant political party Labour. Now imagine them competing with the Nats as to who can spend the most money forever.
  8. Interesting graphic. I think they can kiss goodbye to most of the aerospace, defence and maritime work, most of the financial services industry and a large chunk of the business services and chemical industries as well. Factor in the loss of public sector employment and multiplier effects on top and you're talking about wiping out perhaps 20% of the country's GPD within a very few years.
  9. I think the Nats have an inherent advantage here, they can make whatever outlandish claims they want about post separation arrangements, nobody'll find out the truth until it's too late. On the other hand the Unionists are stuck with peddaling "more of the same" and picking holes in the claims that the Nats make.
  10. No such illusions, although those things take time and a government free of the Lib Dems.
  11. The country was run into the ground by Scotsmen so no, post independence they probably won't get the chance to do it again.
  12. It'll be an interesting test of whether socialism or free markets work better. My thoughts are that Scotland will drift off into a 1970s style socialist basket case, moving from crisis to crisis all no doubt the fault of 'fatcher and the English.
  13. F***ed thanks to 13 years of ruin inflicted by Scotsmen Tony Bliar and Gordon Brown.
  14. I wonder if we might see something similar in this vote as happened in the 1992 election, where people wouldn't admit they were going to vote conservative and the polls turned out to be completely wrong. Saying yes is the safe option, saying no is likely to get you abused one way or another by an army of nats, my guess is that the vast bulk of the "don't knows" will be no votes, I'd wager a fair number of the yeses will have a change of heart once they get into the polling booth.
  15. Remember that these figures are all going to depend upon the exchange rate used to translate the currency into US$. Sterling has been all over the place in recent years, against the Euro and Dollar. Against the Euro Sterling was trading at less than 1.20 for most of 2013 and bottomed out at 1.15, depending upon the rate used that's going to have an effect.
  16. Are the Russians the only people who eat apples?
  17. There were several but I think this is the one I was thinking about: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/193707-citizens-income/?hl=%20citizens%20%20income I think the idea was £6,000 for over 21s and £4,000 for those under. My comment re: benefit cuts/tax giveaway is on page 4.
  18. $1,300 per month, across the UK that's ITRO a trillion dollars per annum, not very affordable IMO. I think we concluded on the long running thread a while back that maybe £6,000 p/a could be affordable, the problem was that when you looked at it in detail it added up to a massive cut in benefits for single parent families to fund a huge tax giveaway to the well off.
  19. £120k isn't top 0.1% of London earnings, not even close. Nationwide £120k is about top 1%, in London terms it's probably more like top 3-4%. Ok, it's not [email protected] money but as director or managing director of the firms he was at he'd have been picking up £250,000 or more easily. Incidentally,wasn't it Madame Guillotine rather than Monsieur?
  20. Interesting blog from Daniel Hannan: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100283133/the-last-thing-we-want-to-hear-is-that-most-mps-took-a-pay-cut-when-they-entered-parliament/ But here’s a question. If we think MPs are lazy and overpaid, why are we so cross when one of them – Mark Simmonds – says he’s leaving the Commons because he can find more congenial work elsewhere? He wants to spend time with his children before they grow up, and has been honest enough to come clean as to why he is leaving. Yet the reaction ranges from scorn to outright fury.
  21. Tory party spokesman mode on (thanks hotairmail): Not sure it says anything about the tory party today v 80's, I think it says more about the way society has changed in the last 30 years. Mid 80's £90,000 + expenses equivilent would pay for a large family home in your constituency plus a decent sized property in London, these days you need to buy the home out of your own funds and the expenses pay for a small house in a s*** area. Perhaps Mr Simmonds should join HPC.
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