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  1. Germany didn't have 1/3 of it's workers using 1940s manufacturing techniquies fighting for the socialist ideal.
  2. IIRC isn't that also the period when robots and automation really started to take off?
  3. Upgrading the products? THAT'S CODE FOR SACKING MY WORKERS!!!! STRIKE!!!!!!!!!! PS. If it's the story I'm thinking about it's a lot more complicated than that.
  4. Hang on, the Mk 1 Golf is considered one of the all time greats, are you seriously comparing that to the Austin Allegro?
  5. As I said earlier, Bliar/Brown destroyed far more British industry, why are you so keen to bang on about 'fatcher?
  6. First off it's a myth that she destroyed British industry, we lost more manufacturing under Bliar/Brown than under her, output grew over her period in office and even today manufacturing is a greater share of our GDP than France. Secondly the stuff that was "thrown away" died years before she came to office, and was on life support via government bailouts. In 1979 the Germans had BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes; we had British Leyland. Austin Princess or 3-series, tough choice. Thirdly quality and investment was not going to happen whilst under government ownership, so long as the unions knew that there would always be a bailout to fall back on they could hold the employer and government to ransom, result: no funds for investment and crap products produced by lazy workers.
  7. Worth mentioning that those are PPP adjusted figures so our ludicrous cost of housing probably has a great deal to do with that. I'd be interested to see the non-ppp figures.
  8. Scottish MPs certainly got to influence it, a one-eyed slack-jawed imbecilic one in particular. Moreover, since the Scottish Government plans to use the pound, they'll still have no influence over the banking system.
  9. Good post. The one point I would add is that the country seems to be unable to have a serious debate about what the NHS is for and what is affordable. Any debate always comes down to the left screaming "privatisation" and the argument is closed down.
  10. I think the polls are systematically overestimating the yes vote due the the Nats' bullying tactics and the patriotism factor. My guess is it'll be something like 60:40 no but I'd say it's impossible to call.
  11. Yes we'd lose 10% of the GDP, but we'd lose a similar share of the public spending so the net effect is neutral. I doubt the forex or money markets would be overly fussed and could conceivably view the move as positive (if they viewed the event as a rightward shift in UK gov't policy).
  12. I'm sure the bond markets will be interested so long as the price is right, the only question is what that price should be? Salmond could cause problems by publicly stating that the SG wouldn't honour those bonds but those would in the end be his problems rather than Ruk's.
  13. I don't think anyone's saying that. What I'm saying is that the Scots need to understand who has the bargaining power and who does not. The Nats appear to be claiming that they can dictate terms to Westminster (and the EU), the reality IMO is the opposite. Westminster holds all the cards because they can hold out forever and lose nothing, if Salmond wants to claim his prize he's going to have to pay whatever price the Ruk demands.
  14. I think the key point to note is that Westminster has the whip hand in any negotiations, they can drag out the process as long as they like until they get what they want, Salmond will be impatient to cliam his prize, Westminster will get what they want. My preferred option would be for the treasury to begin selling contingent convertible bonds that become Scottish liabiliites on independence, if the Scots want to default on them then fine, that's their problem, Ruk is unaffected.
  15. I think you don't understand the concept of big and small. The Ruk could swallow up Scotland's share if it had to, it could also destroy Scotlands economy if it wanted to. More to the point what's to stop Westminster dragging on the negotiations for the next 20 years, or for that matter bulldozing Holyrood, turning loch ness into a radioactive waste dump and St Andrews into an army live fire range.
  16. Which likely wouldn't happen until long after independence.
  17. The BoE will do what's best for the Ruk, the Scots will come a very distant second. Two totally unrelated issues. Just plain wrong. Despite Brown's best efforts the UK isn't bankrupt, and trying to brush the economic effects under the carpet is absurd.
  18. But who's fault is that? The nats could've given honest answers to the above but those would be unpopular so instead they've ignored them or resorted to absurd claims bordering on outright lies. Currency: almost certainly using the £ but outside of a currency union. This will require draconian spending cuts and will provoke a deep, deep recession; think Thatcher and multiply by 10. EU membership: minimum of 5 years and possibly never, this would also require them to adopt the Euro; would EFTA be a better option? Residence: presumably grandparent rule or residency; any Scots without English etc grandparents who have not lived outside of Scotland for 5 years will not be entitled to live or work in the Ruk. There will be a solid border between the two countries, you will need to show your passport to pass. Taxation: not really an issue for the referendum since any government can change this at will but based on Scotlands leftist leanings expect it to be a lot higher. Debt: one way or another the Scots will be taking their share, the suggestion that they could default is ludicrous and if they did the damage would be incalculable.
  19. Thanks to Bliar/Brown maybe. This is utter nonsense, and to the extent that it isn't I think the blame lies with Bliar/Brown.
  20. Do you not think the situation was a bit more complicated than that? Like maybe the real damage was done in the 60s and 70s, that by 1979 the country was totally f***ed and paying huge sums to keep people in pretend jobs just wasn't affordable. Seems to me like you're shooting the messanger.
  21. It has been suggested that the government jobs actually destroy the private sector ones in the areas where they are located. Quite a good link on the subject: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/neilobrien1/100165623/big-government-is-bad-for-manufacturing-in-britain/
  22. Interesting question to which there is probably no right answer. His birth certificate states John Major, he was christened as John Roy Major. His father was Tom Major-Ball but this was a stage name, he was born Abraham Thomas Ball, his mother was Gwendolyn Minny Major (nee Coates), there is no obvious explanation where the Major came from in her name. Technically he should probably be known as John Ball, his brother goes by the name of Terry Major-Ball, it seems like John took his mothers name wheras Terry compromised. Sounds like a complicated upbringing, I'd be happy to share a pie and a pint with our former PM if he wanted to talk about it.
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