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  1. Just out of interest.... If HR was £245k, vendor wanted £240k and your offer was £237k would you still maintain this position? or would you try and reduce this for the added time to complete and minimal negotiation....
  2. My solicitor went to the EA and told them that we were about to make an offer on another property so needed an answer straight away. Lo and behold they came back saying they would accept out offer however the moving in date would be end of January (something to do with getting married). Now tempted to go back with a lower still offer for the extra completion time as I know they have no other interest or offers.......
  3. From what I can gather they are looking at a particular property and need £240k to secure it - I think they must have scraped together another £1k to make the generous counter offer. Unfortunately for them I have no sympathy lol
  4. Quick update in case anyone is bothered Vendors were sticking at £240k or nothing (this is OO £225k) - we initially walked away with a note of interest and offer on the table. They have since got back to us saying they would accept £239k - I have told them our initial offer still stands and we won't go higher. Also asked for an answer by end of play today and clarified that any future offer we made would be considerably lower. No other offers of interest or offers in play - lets see how sensible they are lol
  5. It's a great house that we both agree would suit us - no immediate rush to move, increase in mortgage etc no problem. The move would only slightly raise current costs....I will hold off offering anything and see if they come back with a counter offer. Note of interest is in so I should be notified of any movement. The search continues meantime
  6. http://www.ros.gov.uk/public/news/latest_house_prices.html shows that although sales are down in the last 52 week period, prices have risen by 8.2% in East Dunbartonshire.
  7. Cheers. Your right, I'll stand my ground and wait. Still viewing other properties so eventually something else will come up (although it will probably be the same scenario, vendor asking a high price and digging their heels in for full asking.) One thing that bugs me...if they are after HR value why bother making property OO? Just set the fixed price at what you want and be done with it!
  8. House is in Milngavie....full of old fogies lol Lots of houses appearing as the older generation pop their clogs.... Still in 2 minds with this - should I offer more or wait....no other offers as yet and no other notes of interest, however only been on the market for just over a week......
  9. I would offer £5k more but have extra on top if I really wanted it. I won't be jumping in straight away with another offer but some coming and going would be good fun...
  10. Well I spoke with the EA again and asked if the vendor had a counter offer to mine. Nothing. No negotiation.... Surely it's good to talk?
  11. Got £100k deposit and top mortgage would be £140k. Leaving it at my existing offer for now and fed back to EA - hopefully they will get no other offers or very low offers and get back to me. Won't hold my breath for now
  12. 2 other 3 beds have sold in last few years £228k Feb 2011 £232k Jul 2010 Another 4 bed was on the market at £217k and is under offer - so don't know what it ultimately went for. I never got to view it so unsure of condition etc. Confused lol
  13. Will do One thing that is bugging me - the price paid by the current seller was at the end of 2008 so, in theory, after the peak. How soon after the peak did people start to pay more realistic prices for properties - can I assume £247k was an inflated price (condition of property was as now, walk in so no major work has been done since).
  14. Again, hanks for the replies. The property is in East Dunbartonshire and was bought in Dec 2008 for £247,000. The price I have offered (£227,750) is in the ballpark of what properties of a similar size on the same street have sold for in 2010/11. I don't think I will be offering above this. RE going in with a lower offer - I may do this in a few weeks if there is no movement. I will give more feedback to the vendor why I won't be offering more and that over the coming weeks my offer price will go down instead of up. Early days and maybe I jumped in too soon! Cheers!
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