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  1. Yes the EA phoned this morning, had viewers round on saturday they liked it and have made an offer today. The house has been on the market since november 2010, I posted on here for advice which I got and which I am thankful for. And yes I do also use other forums, not just for housing related stuff, didnt know I wasnt supposed to do so?? I also posted a thread on MSE and also got advice there, since we had the offer today I have removed the ads from gumtree.
  2. I think after talking last night we are just going to bite the bullet and drop the price to 98k and see if anything happens, Its not about the money for us, we feel like we cannot start our lives until we are free of the mortgage. We are not buying another house, yet anyway, we are going to be staying with friends until we get on our feet then rent for a while. If we can clear the mortgage that would be fine. As for renting, even if there is a market in this area we still couldnt do it right now as our mortgage payments are 560 per month and we wouldnt get that from renting it out, and cannot afford to top up the money each month, just want to make a clean break if possible. Someone asked for a link, Im new here and not even sure if I can post links or not, but if you want one please PM and I will send you one.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, yes it is the house Please dont be afraid to offend me, I would rather know what is putting people off rather than sit here and not sell. The pictures on gumtree are old now, we have painted a few rooms since then, done the garden etc, and the EA is coming out next week to take new pictures etc. The thing with selling at auction is we dont have the money to give them to advertise it, and I heard if it doesnt sell then you dont get that money back? I wouldnt know if thats true or not, that is partly why we need to sell, boyfriend was offered a better paying job in England, the job he is in now is very low wages and we can no longer afford to stay here so spare money is none existent at the moment. We asked if we should rent it out and the EA said there was no market for renting in our area, again not sure if that is true but he is the second EA to tell us that.
  4. Hello everyone, Looking for a little advice if possible. We put our house on the market last November with a local agent, they got us one viewing in 4 months so we left them to go to a larger agent. Been with the new agent since April and so far got four viewings, so all in all five viewings in 10 months, not good I know. No offers, and no feedback at all. The house was valued at 130k by four different agents, so as we need a quick sale we put it on for 120k, since reduced the price to 115k. The other houses on our street that are up for sale are priced between 120k-167k, so ours is the cheapest. One sold a few weeks ago, it was up for 145k. We have no idea what is putting people off as like I said we have had no feedback, if we ring the estate agent they either say they cannot get hold of the viewers to get feedback or the viewer put the phone down on them etc. It is a three bed detached house, with off road parking, large back garden, coal fire, stone kitchen floor and solid oak flooring through out (hall, stairs, landing, living room and dining room), separate shower in the bathroom as well as a bath, downstairs WC, etc. It is just outside Dromara In Co Down, rural area, in a cul de sac. It has been cleaned, its tidy, got rid of all clutter and the rooms are cream. If we ask the estate agent for advice they just say to reduce the price more, but as we are already the cheapest will this do any good? People always say it will sell if the price is right, but what is this magic price? We are moving away over to England at the end of october, so told our agent to price it to sell, he came back with 115k to sell quickly, that was in april. What would you expect to pay for our house in your area? if I could get some ideas maybe I could price it to actually sell it.
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