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    I would say that is a Million pound home for that area. I would pay the big 1 mill, and not feel ripped off or in instant negative equity. It is NOT worth another 300,000 though. Not now, not in any time soon. Dream on.
  2. Complete myth I'm afraid. Mr J Clarkson mentioned it on a program once, and it's been taken as gospel ever since. And before you reply 'But it's true'; do you really think there were no drawings/blueprints/testing logs of the car with the name on it anywhere before the Yank marketers got the phone call and 'misheard' the pronunciation?
  3. Something about new car sales being in the toilet I believe? Judging by the phone calls and mail I'm getting from my local BMW dealer, I can believe it
  4. Your her bloke, so she loves you. You'll be cool telling it to her
  5. Don't flame me for simply telling you how it's percieved. Although, before you all get on your high horse (a pastime beloved on this site by many) ask yourself if it passes the Bill Hicks test. When interviewed once on the rules of stand up, and where he draws the line between funny (which he was, hugely) and offensive (which he wasn't, he always stayed the right side of the line), he always said that if you wouldn't tell a joke, face to face in a social situation, to the group it pokes fun at, then you shouldn't really tell it at all. So it's up to you if you would, or not. Like I said th
  6. I know that joke. I also know a few Japanese people (I once worked for a Japanese company) Every one of them finds that 'joke' to be pretty racist.
  7. I drive by that site a lot. It's next door to the Esso station. Thought it looked quiet lately!
  8. They ae not selling at the moment. I know someone with a very nice 30 odd foot Catamaran. It's been up for sale for months, and despite being 'keenly' priced, he's had nothing but dreamers and chancers enquire. As it's sale is partly whats funding his move to Canada - oh dear
  9. You certainly have an air for the dramatic CB, I'll give you that. Personally, I think if the Airline Industry can survuve 9/11, it can survive just about anything. This included. We'll see however. In 3 years, if people are still flying, I'm right. If they are on buses and Trains to go abroad, you are.
  10. Those 'route cuts' have been known about for a while, hardly news. As for the 'recruitment cuts', where in the article does it state that? Sorry for skim reading it, I'm doing this on a Blackberry right now. As for being a VI - I'm an ATPL(H) ,not (A), so really not sure how you class me as a VI. Where the welded wings are concerned, it's nothing to do with me. I took a different road. Like I said, they are still hiring. I know as much, because I know the people who have landed the jobs. Thats a fact thats undeniable, not an 'anecdote'. I also know every week when Flight International lands
  11. Really not sure I believe this. Were it so, it would be all over the place by now.
  12. Agree, and if I'd quoted one example, then I'd accept that it could be some isolated folly. But it's not. The industry IS hiring. Some are even doing Ab-Initio sponsorship deals for First Officers. Hence, frankly, they can't all be bloody wrong, can they. As for the 'we'll all go by train' arguments put forward, those have been dealt with in other posts and shown to be nonsense. I would not spend 4 days of my holiday on a train with my kids. Forget it. However, back to the main point. Jobs. I see hiring, not lay offs.
  13. Ryaniar are still taking on Pilots. Flybe are still taking on Pilots. CityFlyer are still taking on Pilots. CityJet are still taking on Pilots. Globespan are still taking on Pilots. Emirates are still taking on Pilots. Thats just the ones I know about, and I don't fly Airliners, I'm a Helicopter Pilot. I listed the above as I know Fixed Wing guys who have all landed jobs with every single one of those on that list within the last 8 months. One right up to last week. So, while not picking a fight Smac67, as my industry is not your's and vice versa, something isn't adding up, is it?
  14. If it's that bad, how come so many Airlines are still recruiting then? And how come so many of those graduating from Jerez/Oxford are getting hired? Every week Flight carries adverts for jobs. This week it's CityFlyer desperate for pilots. Not stirring, just asking.
  15. Cheers Scunnered, reading that made my day. Love hearing aboutgreedy people getting it up the shitter, and they don't come much better than that.
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