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  1. Thats a good point because this is what ucatt have been trying to get for workers in the construction industry, i am pretty much convinced that there is zero chance of me being able to do my job when im 65 as is the case with the vast majority of lads on the tools. The fellas who are in their mid 50s are already telling the younger lads that they wont be able to reach retirement age in their job because they say the workload has increased way more than they have had it over the years so if most of them dont reach retirement age already, then im pretty sure we wont. A 70 year old joiner climbing around roof trusses all day in the pi55ing down rain, ive seen a 60 year old do it but i cant see a 70 year old managing it. Pensioners dropping from the sky, whatever next
  2. True, nobody stands a chance against the corruptors, not yet anyway, but like miko said its got to the stage were its not worth going to work. A fella i know works full time alongside me has a wife and one child who is 12 years old, He is now at the stage were his and his wifes income can no longer cover what goes out every month. He doesnt live in a big nice house or have a fancy car and he never gets a holiday, he has no luxuries for himself and neither does his wife. The only thing he can find to make a saving on is his daughters swimming lessons and he refuses to do this as (in his words) shes got nowt already so i cant take that away from her and its pointless anyway because i still wouldnt have enough to pay the bills. Thats a hard working family who no matter what they do they can no longer afford to live , the longer they work the more debt they will be in. In my opinion something will have to happen to help the working man pretty soon because theres nothing left to cut back on now.
  3. People are already turning to crime to pay the bills, lots of subbys in the construction industry dont get any benefits when they are laid off yet again so if no money at all is coming into the house you have to hope you can find a bit of work on the side till the next site kicks up or you will go hungry. Me and my workmates never get any benefits because we have our house deposit in the bank, were trying to buy our own homes so have put every penny we could in the bank and when the layoff comes we have to live off our house deposits till some work comes in. I can understand not being entitled to claim benefits if my savings are over the threshold for benefits and im living in my own home like a normal adult but i dont see my house deposit as savings, i cant go out and buy whatever i want with these savings, its money for a roof over my head and nothing else. some people dont agree with my way of thinking on that matter but its not easy paying into a system thats supposed to help anybody that needs it and then to be excluded from it for doing the right thing. It wouldnt surprise me one bit if strikes started popping up in the construction industry in the near future because the mood on site is not good at all, and as the old site saying goes.......if you cant have a laugh then whats the point
  4. Thats the general feeling between me and my mates, we got to work everday to a supposedly skilled job and have saved up substantial house deposits and are now at the stage were its pointless to even apply for a mortgage because we cant afford to run a house with a large mortgage plus the usual household and work related bills so now were at a loss as what to do, our wages and workload are getting worse as the weeks go by and the lay offs are increasing. Something has got to give soon because lads are already walking off site due to the back breaking amount of work for far less than they should be getting and knowing no matter how hard they work they will still not be able to buy a home. These lads have got house deposits in the bank so will recieve no benefits at all and no help with housing. people will only live with their parents for so long before they lose hope so i dont blame the lads for walking off site. So as far as i can see we are now at the stage that the working man has finally had enough and is not willing to carry on doing the right thing by working, why would he when it is completely pointless. Me and most of my mates are still working but all of us know it is pointless because if we do somehow manage to buy a flat or house we would probably lose it pretty quickly unless the construction industry picked up. I am guessing but i bet there are quite a lot of people who work in the construction industry who can afford to buy a house but wont due to the state of the construction industry and knowing its just layoff after layoff coming your way.
  5. I think my mate just likes smashing things up at times
  6. I wish it wasnt fact but it is, The building game is getting more corrupt by the day because all the main contractor directors know its about to get a whole lot worse and are trying to cream their cut before its all over. Quite a few firms are buying work as we call it just like connaughts did and look what happened there (housing associations are now wise to the (bang it in as an extra method) that the main contractors use, quote the job low and then come up with unforseen costs that the HA has to pay. The problem is the HAs are now telling the main contractor to pi55 off with his extras so then it comes out of our prices. I have quite a few mates who have left the building game because it is now possible to earn more working in a supermarket, factory, warehouse doing low paid work due to not constantly paying out for fuel, new tools,public liability ins, vehicle repairs, tool repairs, and also all the costs associated with being given a card that says you are qualified to be on site, one example is a pasma ticket i am fully qualified to erect and dismantle a tower scaffold (well i was till somebody came out with a new scheme that said i wasnt) so now im supposed to pay to go on a pasma course to learn what i already know and have already recieved certification to prove i know. Getting a construction industry training board (CITB) site levy deducted from your wages is another deduction that ive been told i shouldnt be paying week in week out, apparently main contractors have to contribute a certain amount each year to the CITB and this then goes towards the training of the next apprentices. These are the apprentices who a lot of the time get put with subbys working on a price who do not have time to teach them their trade so the young lads dont even benefit fom this training investment. If you tell the main contractor that you are aware that the citb site levy should not be taken from your wages your work will instantly dry up and you will be laid off yet again. Imagine turning up on a new build site or HA refurb site as a 17 year old apprentice and being surrounded by swearing shouting cold wet pi55ed off men working at breakneck speed to earn a wage, would you ask mad dave the bricky how to do a certain job that the site agent has just given you. Its absolutely disgusting how the apprentices get treated nowadays and consequently i dont recommend the building game to any school leavers i know. Maybe its different in other parts of the country but this type of behaviour is becoming more and more widespread and around the NW area. I know there is a recession on an everybodys taking a hit on their wages but as far as im aware ( i might be wrong) Housing associations are supposed to be non profit so if this is the case are they not just blatantly taking advantage of the recession and putting the word about that the tender for such and such site will have to come in at X amount of pounds to win it therefore getting a lot more properties refurbed for a lot less money. If they kicked the tenants out who constantly demolish their properties within 3 or 4 years of having it refurbed then they would save a hell of a lot of money and could build some new houses for once. You wouldnt believe the amount of money these HAs spend and then a few years later spend it again to replace all the damage some tenants have caused. The conclusion the lads come to on site regarding the lack of new HA/council properties being built is that there is no money left every year to build any new homes because such a vast amount is being spent on constantly repairing a large portion of the housing stock they have already got, (not all tenants are like this but a very high number are in the areas we work in). You may have seen evidence of this yourself, in local papers now and again you will see a big centre spread from a local HA saying that they will be spending 30, 40 ,50 million pounds over the next few years in X area, no new houses will get built, out of that budget it all goes to repairs.
  7. I hardly do any large private work anymore because there isnt much of it going in my area. I can understand a trade asking for payment up front if he feels hes going to get shafted on the bill because i would do the same . I wish we had a tv programme about customers from hell instead of builders from hell because there are definitely some thieving home owners out there. One example, mate fitted a kitchen for a customer, she refused to pay him a penny for fitting it because the gloss white doors that were directly facing the window looked to be a slightly different shade of white to the other doors in the kitchen that were not in direct sunlight. He swapped the doors round the kitchen to prove it was just sunlight making the doors look a slightly different shade but the home owner was adamant that she wasnt paying because my mate had supplied her the kitchen (at a 50 percent discount of what she would have had to pay for it). The customers husband saw sense (from his hiding place) when he realised he wasnt in fact about to get free fitting on his already discounted kitchen as my mate came strolling back with the sledgehammer to swiftly remove the kitchen.
  8. People i know think im lying when i tell them the house they just paid a fortune for was built for way under 50k. This is why i wont be taking advantage of the super duper new FTB scheme, why are the government providing just this option for FTBs who cant afford a home. Why would i want to pay a massive house building company way way way over the odds for something i am perfectly capable of building myself, why have i got no right to buy a plot of land on the new lego land barrats estate. Good luck to anybody taking part in this new government scheme because if they buy one in the NW then the men who will be building the houses will be working faster than ever due to rates of pay being very low so the quality of the new homes will be shoddy to say the least. If a joiner, tiler, plumber does a good job then he wont make a wage, if he does a rough job thats just about enough to get signed off then he will make a wage. A new build barrats estate went up near me and 3 of my friends fell into the trap of buying homes on there, They asked me to fill in the snagging list provided to them by barrats regarding the work they were not happy with on their brand spanking new house (i jumped at the chance). As im in the building game i knew what to look for which resulted in my friends asking for more snagging lists as one was not enough. some of the snags that came up, front doors damaged, internal doors rattling, internal door clearances all over the place, squeaking floors, tape and jointed walls painted before being sanded flat, no restrictors on patio doors (whole estate had same problem), no scribing architraves to walls just filled up with caulk that shrinks and falls out, gaps on cornice and pelmet mitres, gaps on butt and scribe joints on kitchen worktops, the list went on and on until we hit the big one on one house. Mid terraced property that had a back garden 1.5m narrower than every other garden in that row. The site agent didnt know i was in the building game (i made sure of that) so when i pointed this massive mistake out to him he tried to convince me it was not a mistake and was perfectly correct because we were stood at a funny angle to the house and it was an optical illusion, cue me pulling the plans and tape measure out of my **** pocket and telling the agent if i was doing the fencing and flagging for him id have been a bit confused when i ended up with one row of flags in one garden and two rows in every other garden. It costed thousands to sort out these 3 houses and my friends were telling any new buyers to get somebody who knew what they were doing to fill out the snag list but didnt really get anywhere because everybody seemed happy enough laying out 150k+ for their new house as it looked nice and shiny, people need to stop letting the house building companys get away with 5hite work and charging way over the odds for it. Most of the time (not always) the 5hite quality of the house is not really a reflection on the skills of the men who built it, its down to the prices the house builders pay. I see these programs on tv all the time about homes from hell and cowboy builders and suchlike (yes there are useless tradesmen out there) but never do you hear what the house builder was paying the lads on the tools, do a good job or pay the bills is the decision you have to make sometimes. Lucky for me i cant afford a new build
  9. The lazy that the government mention could be the tenants of the vast majority of the housing association properties we work on, be nice if they could give me a hand carrying something but apparently thats against health and safety rules so were not supposed to ask them
  10. I work in liverpool and manchester in the construction industry on the tools so i can tell you how the updated boys from the black stuff would play out. Every character is now yosser, giz a job has made a massive comeback in the building game lately. Most firms do not take on cards in anymore and will only employ you as a subby. The workload has got to a point that lots of people are unable to make a wage via price work because the prices are so bad. One example is a full bathroom ripout and refit, toilet, basin, bath, shower, shower screen and all associated pipework will get a plumber £60 top line for a days work so after tax, ni, fuel, consumables etc you can see why lots of people are struggling to find work that will pay the bills. The main type of work that is available to tradesmen in the north west at the moment is housing association refurbs, not directly of course, first the main contractor wins the job, then the sub contractor with the biggest backhander is told they can supply the labour for the job, not all the labour of course, just the lads on the tools. so then a plumber, joiner, spark or whatever rings the main contractor for a job and is told we have nothing available and have never been so slack , so then you have to ring all your mates to find out who gave the biggest backhander and then go to him and ask for a job and let him take 15 percent minimum of your wages to get the job. Then we get to the first day on site and you are hit with your massive list of work for the day, then you add up what its worth after the long list of deductions, then you start swearing for a bit with the lads and then get on with working through your massive list. Then the first wage slip comes in ( if this sub contractor bothers giving wage slips that is) compare it to the work that you have done at the current price and come to the conclusion that the suspicions you have had regarding this sub contractor are in fact correct, yes you are now working for another dirty robbing bast&rd. The jobless figures for liverpool will be creeping up more and more now that its getting so bad on site, probably end up even worse in manchester with one of the biggest firms now accepting backhanders so no point ringing them for a job. There are plenty of apprentiships available to unemployed people though, i think they are some kind of new fancy fast track apprentiship because they consist of somebody who wants to become a tradesman, going to college for a fortnight and then being dumped on a building site and being told that the subbys who are currently working at a 100mph on price work to earn a wage will teach you your trade (get out the way lad). Then a college assesor turns up and takes a photo of the apprentice holding a spanner, hammer, screwdriver etc to prove he is being trained correctly. I have not seen anyone headbutted yet but i did see a foreman who was in on a brown envelope deal that was screwing the lads get put down with a straight right. I for one welcome the return of violence to the sites
  11. I would love to build my own home but the situation i am in is preventing me from doing so. I work in the construction industry so i have most of the skills that are required to build a house and the skills i havent got would be provided to me by my workmates for free as i would do the same for them for the work they cant do. Thats the idea that we came up with anyway when we emailed our local mp to ask why the new scheme aimed at FTBs has no option to build the house yourself, i dont see why i have to pay a massive house building company way over the odds for something i can do for a fraction of the cost. The reason we have contacted our mp is because me and a lot of my regular workmates are now in the position were we can never move out of our parents home, we all earn roughly the same wage and our ages range from early 20s to mid 30s and not one of us stands a chance of renting or buying. Quite a few of us have 25k plus deposits but nobody will give us a mortgage due to the fact that we are all self employed in the construction industry and have erratic incomes due to temporary layoffs and the obvious corruption or just plain not getting paid what we are owed. We all come from various parts of the north so the housing costs are cheaper than other parts of the country but still we cant afford a mortgage plus the costs involved in running a home, and thats even if we get a full years work in with no layoffs, we have all tried to find somewhere to rent but that works out just as bad financially plus we are excluded from applying for some rentals as they are only for couples or a single person with a child and as most of us are single with no kids it doesnt help. This is without even allowing for any emergency money in the bank for when the work stops, so the risk involved is at a level that nobody feels comfortable with it anyway. I have yet to hear back from my MP so im a bit bewildered as to what i am supposed to do next, ive been saving for years and just dedicated my life to work and nothing else and its getting me nowhere fast. i suppose me and my workmates could house share but somehow i dont think it would work out
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