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  1. Which is exactly what has happened in the construction industry. Plenty of ten day wonders (duration of apprentiship) come to site and will work for way less than the job is worth so our prices are through the floor.
  2. Its the pink lumpy walls that i dont like
  3. The industry is on its last legs as far as i can see, some of the firms (even the big ones) are now taking all the scrap from the lads and weighing it in themselves. some lads are already relying on that bit of extra money to top up there wage but now thats gone as well. Im past caring about my trade now so i couldnt care less if the industry dies on its ****, im losing work to lads who have been on a ten day course to become a joiner and this also pushes our prices down because the course lads think they are earning a good wage for the work they are doing but are in fact being robbed bli
  4. Thats what i like to hear Can i borrow your steps a minute mate, always got good step ladders sparks
  5. I agree with all of that except point 4, i was born on a rock hurtling through space but im not allowed to take a piece of disused land to build my shelter on because its not my land. How did the first ever land owners get their land because i know they didnt buy it. Which brings up a question i missed in a previous post, how much does it cost to build a house ? I could build a 2 bed terrace for what people are currently saving for their house deposits. cant do that without the land though.
  6. The good thing you have got going for you is that you are a spark, im a joiner so lots of the work we should be doing maintenance wise gets put off till next year whereas a lot of your work is essential upgrades or repairs so cant be put off. I should have been a spark but thank god im not a bricky because there trade has been hit the hardest with all the new builds stopping. A good spark fits his own noggins. remember that and the joiners will be alrite with you
  7. The younger lads dont really stand a chance at the moment, when they come out of their time they will either get no extra money or laid off so they just get their qualifications and leave in the hope that one day things might improve. If they want to get a better wage in the construction industry they will have to go the sub contractor route and chase the price work, lads with 20 years under their belts have walked away from price work jobs because they can no longer make it pay so a lad fresh out of his time wont stand a chance because they wont be fast enough yet. The workloads have increa
  8. I have to disagree with the dole pittance, yes its a pittance if you are single but once you get a few kids on the go it is quite profitable. lots on the dole around here are doing a hell of a lot better in life than i am and doing nothing for it.
  9. A 10k pay rise would make a massive difference to my life but i wont see that percentage rise for years and years. I cant see how much longer this can go on because people are already walking away from work because it wont pay the bills knowing full well they are getting into debt the longer they stay out of work. These are people who bought homes during the boom years ( i chose not to) and also some of the younger lads are coming out of their time and instantly walking away from site (lots get laid off anyway) because they know whatever they earn they will never be able to save a penny towa
  10. I wouldnt really call it freedom swapping one job for another, its either put yourself through the ridiculous workload on a daily basis on site or take a supermarket or factory job if you are lucky enough to find one. A CAREER in the construction industry is not a wise move anymore, get a trade and you will never be out of work no longer applys.
  11. I cant even be an employee in my line of work. I have to be a sole trader self employed sub contractor who works for a main sub contractor who back hands the main contractor so he can supply the labour to site and consequently take a big cut of my wages. Some trades are earning £80 top line for a days work so once you take off tax, national insurance, fuel, insurances, consumables, tool repairs, new tools etc etc over the space of a year ( less christmas and all bank holidays which we dont get paid for) you cannot earn enough to even rent a 1 bed flat. You are doing well if you can manage t
  12. Bad times in the building game at the moment, i also dont get fuel, sick pay, van, tools, consumables or a penny of dole when im laid off. The wages the firms are paying at the moment are a joke, im currently working for the absolute minimum i would take for being on the tools. Next time prices get hit on site (probably april) ill be trying for a factory or supermarket job because im already working on site for the same wage as those jobs pay.
  13. None of the contractors i work for take anybody on cards in anymore, its now all self employed sub contracting work and some firms are getting rid of their cards in employees by contracting work to subbys so that there isnt enough left for their own lads. The fights have already started
  14. This is becoming quite common in the construction industry, a few firms i regulary work for do not borrow money any more. I have worked on sites that suddenly just shut down for a while until the firm recieves a payment from another job they have running. Gone are the days when firms would borrow money during a hard spell so they could keep their employees in work. Well there is still one big main contractor in my area borrowing money from a certain bank (this bank has also invested heavily in the company), rumours started about a month ago that this main contractor was about to go bust a
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