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  1. This is shocking, as a resident of Plymouth high water bills are shocking, over £560 for two of us here. Second home owners should share the pain.
  2. And? That seems sencible to pay down your mortgage.
  3. Long term investments will go up and down. Gold, Shares, Houses. Hey sit with you deposits wasting away in the bank if you want for 10 years but some of us have to get on with living life.
  4. Not a lot of point refering back to 1997 really, I think people are dreaming if they think housing will go back 14 years in price. We have already seen a 30% drop from peak in housing. For Example in 1997 in Plymouth you could buy a nice 2 bed terrace for 30K, but housuing is an investment now so that will maintain a price. A good year to take IMO is about the 2004ish period before the Bubble grew to big. Intrest rates are low so housing is more affordable than in the 1990's. You say the highest price ever was 165K then a reasonable amount to pay would be between 120K and 135K IMHO.
  5. Does this seem like a reasonable article? Calling perhaps 10% drop followed by deflation based reductions? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-1671748/Property-prices-What-expect--news-predictions.html
  6. I would imagine the lack of parking has already been taken into account. What is the price you want to pay for it then?? Seems really very good value.
  7. Dont know much about the area but that seems like a nice house for 149K. If you get it for 135K that's a big drop from 180K last year, at a certain price point people will buy again.
  8. Fair enough, that sounds quite reasonable. The problem I have where I live is that houses being sold for £250k in 2005 are now being put up for sale for £300K plus and blatantly unaffordable still. I think people need a reality check with house prices. If they are in negative equity I can understand them asking top dollar, everyone else really needs to see that the chain will work again when all seller's lower the value so they can move up to a now cheaper house and people can move into there now cheaper house. Its all Bat Sh%t crazy till that happens again....
  9. Joined it yes but been reading it for years. Just it gets a bit depressing all the time on here. Its not all bad news you know....
  10. Best to have a solid asset like a house as long as you have a Job to pay for it, I would not want a lot of savings depreciating in the bank so I am buying now, rent will just go up. It will be nothing like the 1930's. Its slow growth here and abroad. Not the whole world is facing this problem only really the euro zone and USA, need to just refocus on emerging markets such as Brazil and India. Growth is occurring all over the place we have just become fixated with the collapsed banking economy that is not the real economy of actual goods and services
  11. Yeah, had offer accepted should move in November, Nice 3 Bed, garage, garden. Cant complain about the price or location etc needs a lot of work,but that's how I have always bought. Its a home for 10 years plus as far as I can see and prices are 30% down from peak here. Borrowing 4 times my income so sensible level as far as I am concerned. Always rent a room out for beer tokens if I have too... House prices are only a problem when you buy or sell them, apart from that they are irrelevant. We can afford the place comfortably so why not take advantage whilst vendors are having to lower prices?
  12. They should ba short selling and speculation, That is one of the reasons we are in this mess. Scum.
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