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  1. I Agree it's not up to the seller to carry out planning searches on our behalf, but they didn't need to, they already knew fully what was going on and conveniently let it slip their mind!! I have already said that I won't make the same mistake again, a lesson learned and all that..
  2. I would say that we were deceived during our 1st viewing, I can totally appreciate all the advise to do the checks before putting any offers in (I won't make the same mistake again believe me) but I still believe that there are honest and open people left in this world (call me naive), obviously not judging by our experience!!
  3. Yes there has been some great advice in this thread, it's much appreciated (a few lessons learned for sure) We have downloaded the plans and they don't seem too bad to be honest, we are going to revisit the site and also speak with the neighbours and then reevaluate the situation.
  4. Thanks for the reponse, I totally agree that the estate agent is only concerned with the sale (the full chain is with them!), she tried to make it sound like a small issue and said it wouldn't bother her, I told her I wasn't buying her stance on the matter! I'm speaking with a friend later (ex estate agent) to ask him his opinion on the matter (will it lower the future value), and then revise our offer accordingly, the house is in a great location and the house itself is in excellent condition, but our final offer didn't take the extension into account! Picking up on your point about being a 1st time buyer, it feels at the minute that being a 1st time buyer counts for shit, I would of thought people would be jumping through hoops to secure a 1st time buyer with mortgage in place! Also regarding the sovereign debt issue, I couldn't agree more (I would happily wait a few more years before buying), but unfortunately I don't think my relationship with my girlfriend would last much longer if we don't buy soon (we've been waiting over 4 years for prices to drop substantially).
  5. Just spoke with estate agent regarding the extension and they said that the vendor received a letter (August) about the plans and then forgot all about it, she said they didn't even know the plans or if they had been accepted, yet we have received the questionnaire from our solicitor and the vendor has clearly put that they knew about the extension, they have clearly stated that there will be a bathroom and bedroom upstairs, is anyone buying that they just forgot?
  6. We are going to try and reduce our offer, we are bottom in the chain, and all houses are from the same estate agent, so we should be in a strong position to negotiate. I appreciate that the seller wasn't obliged to notify us, but it's a cheap trick to not mention it, and we wouldn't be in this position if they would of been open and honest about it in the first place, they could risk to chain collapsing due to their deciet.
  7. I can fully appreciated that some people do work on the house to get a sale, but paying over £1000 for wardrobes weeks before you decided to sell and downsize (and then offer to sell them for £500!), would you really? The house came to market weeks after the extension was announced. I think we might try and reduce our offer and see what they say!
  8. Many thanks for the reply That's exactly what we are worried about, the estate agent tried playing it down saying it would be built and finished in a couple of months, but if we would of known about the extension prior to putting in our offer we certainly wouldn't have gone as high!
  9. Maybe it's just paranoia on our part, but they have recently spent alot of money of the house, new carpets, new fireplace, new expensive shower unit, and over £1000 on new wardrobes (which they purchased in July and have offered them us for £500 - would you really spend that amount if you were thinking of downsizing weeks after?) - and they put the house on the market in August a few weeks after the extension plans!
  10. Thanks for the replies, yes we should of checked things out before spending any money (a lesson learned!!), still doesn't hide the fact that they didn't mention it, we have asked them why and they said they forgot all about the extension so didn't mention it, they didn't think it was a big deal!! It's certainly left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I'm thinking of revising our offer!! The reason we are probably more pissed off than normal is that we previously had a sale fall through (the sellers pulled out at the last minute and we lost over £1500), and we mentioned this to the vendor on our first visit and they assured us that they would be honest and wouldn't mess us about!!
  11. Hi we are currently in the process of buying a 3 bed detached (we are bottom of the chain), survey and mortgage offer all sorted, and solicitor in the process of doing his part (we have spent over £1000 on surveys/fees etc...), when we get a letter from the solicitor saying that next door are having a double storey extension built very soon!! Throughout the process the vendor has never mentioned this, we have asked numerous times what are the neighbours like and no mention of this happening! We feel like we have been massively deceived, and reading between the lines and putting the pieces together after the event we feel the extension is the reason why the vendor is selling, to say I'm pissed off is an understatement. Any comments / advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. I will thinking more of the financial risks, but thanks for your valuable input!
  13. I'm asking for views so the more informed on here can give me some good enough reasons to discourage him, please advise as many risks as possible!
  14. Hi a friend of mine is looking to get into Buy to Let, I've told him he must be mad! He is looking at moving into Buy to Let in the North-West Can anyone please advise the current risks / benefits (if any) to move into Buy to Let at the moment?
  15. Hi we had recently agreed to purchase a house, survey done, mortgage sorted, problem with the land registry sorted, when the sellers pull out the day before exchanging stating poor health reasons. Is there anything that can be done to pursue the sellers for compensation, as we are vastly out of pocket through no fault of our own, we have acted in good faith throughout the process. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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