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  1. Some posters are what the scroll is for, thank heavens for the avatars. Avoid the nutters on the bus, they have a look about them.
  2. My father was born in 1923, left school at 14, carried dead bodies at Filton after the air raids in the war, whilst working on bombers in the factory. He hoped that the war would last long enough to join the Brylcream boys. To that end he went to night school to give him an edge. At 21 as a bomb aimer he used to do the bomb run with his knees under his chin to make himself as small target as possible. So no hero then. At 23 he was demobbed, just another ordinary bloke in an extraordinary time. He had known the value of bread and dripping along with a determination to self improve.
  3. Highlight of my day coming up. Thank you in advance. Reality over some of the latest rants on this forum is most welcome, Gravity Sucks
  4. Thankyou juvenal, always intrigued about Sibley but too shy to ask. Made my day
  5. More crap about all rights and no responsibilities. Is there no shame anymore.
  6. Thankyou but don't let the Express know, it will more make them more determined to increase the fog level.
  7. Hello, been lurking for months and its been it has been a revelation that there is a site where there is a rational majority and informed debate. My vi is to be a cash buyer when/if the delusional understand the story of the Emperor's New Clothes. Never had and never will have debt. Don't need bells, whistles or twigs to feel secure but I am very afraid of zombies. Been waiting for situation for a decade and have a set of earplugs so I don't have to hear all the wailing of the oh so deserving feckless fuc£wits. There, colours nailed so it's crash and burn or soar like an eagle, its all
  8. Similar problem, so I got a year planner, put a note on the date to move, close or transfer. Kept abreast of windows of good rates as they always seemed to close within two weeks and was able to transfer 90% of the time. [Got the isa from Natwest when the shtf in 2008 @ 7%+. Even when I moved it in 2009 it was still paying 4%+.] I treat it as a numbers game. As long as you read the rules, don't go for a long tie in or touch the interest it can grow, in relation to house prices. In relation to twigs in vases it has shot up as these are now a feature at the carboots. I'm sorry if th
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