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  1. There's a rumour going around you've bought a House? Would you like to comment?
  2. Good gawd, you bought last year, Jonathan Davis this year........who's next?
  3. It's all here! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9126598/Sketch-Ed-Miliband-talks-to-the-public...-and-swiftly-regrets-it.html
  4. How odd? Why hadn't inflation eaten away at it? It certainly has with the rest of us i.e. think Pensioners. Our cash is certainly worth a lot less than it was five years ago, you could knock at least 20% off!
  5. Nationwide figs are SE biased, be interesting to are what the Halifax figs are next week.
  6. Some bloke called Sibley has put the article up on MSE. He's been getting a right roasting for telling porkies. Someone's pointed out to him that prices have dropped 7.5% in his area this year, and he's not a happy chappy!
  7. After a buoyant year, prices are beginning to slip here in Aberdeen. Could be the start of a long slide.
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