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  1. I would guess the reason for the 2.1 vs 0.9% issue, is they have refined the index since then, including for example to include Scotland which traditionally has a larger summer drop than England as Scots rush to sell before the winter. That wouldn't account for the whole difference, but it's that kind of thing. I don't really see how the chart being calendar YTD has much to do with anything. You can't have it both ways. If you want to cite Rightmove as evidence for anything, you need to profess confidence in their YoY methodology, otherwise it's a bit of a joke?
  2. Interesting source you prefer there. How about this months actual rightmove report?
  3. The relevant caveat is, the data is not seasonally adjusted!
  4. Yep. If next months is negative or even flat at 0% that is serve broken and much more encouraging. This months data however is very much in line with prior years I'm afraid.
  5. The monthly drop is clearly seen in the chart. The difference between this year and last year's July drops is 2.3% vs 2.1%. So we would expect the annual change to drop about 0.2%. Which is pretty close to what this month's report and the chart shows. Or am i missing something?
  6. Huh? The graph very clearly shows the 2.3 drop. Can you elaborate?
  7. 2,3 is a Very slightly higher than average drop. Points to real term stagnation / growth in line with inflation. Last year was 2,1
  8. Airbnb bookings up by 70% last year. according to BBC Curious what makes you think arbnb market is on the turn?
  9. Yes sorry, bad use of the word 'cheap'. Obviously it's expensive on income terms. I just meant that compared to teh rest of UK, Edinburgh is still down in real terms vs GFC. Still quite a few flats available under 150k, which for a capital city is quite weird. The prime market will be screwed I think but hard to see the 150k flats falling that much
  10. Obv there are bulls and bears on either side, but would you disagree this is the popular consensus? (ie the average opinion) What do you think the consensus is? (broadly)
  11. Sorry I can't see 30% at all. Eyeballing your chart, long term average is, what, 1200k maybe? Average over last 5 years is about 1100k. If countrywide shareprice was directly correlated to transactions, that would imply a 90% drop in transactions, when in reality over the period of countrywide's decline, transactions have declined barely 10% if that. Probably closer to 5%.
  12. Do you have data on that? All the graphs I've seen show transactions as relatively stable over last 10 years. Not sure it's worth going back further than that? Estate agent profits do not perfectly correlate with transaction volumes. Otherwise, coutrywide would have a stable share price over last 10 years too! Obv lots of disruptoin going on in that industry and right so.
  13. Depends how you look at it. Higher than 2010-2015. Lower than 00-05. Long term, average.
  14. Women’s Representation in the Labour Force Is Steadily Increasing16 More women are working than before. Today, over 70% of women aged 16–64 are employed, this percentage has increased from slightly over half (53%) in 1971.17
  15. Transaction figures are about in line with the long term averages. There was a spike recently due to tax changes that distort the YoY % figures. But on long term average basis, transactions are pretty much smack on average. Sorry!
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