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  1. Going into Iraq was never about 'democracy', not even in the remotest sense of the word. This has been about the continuation of an age old plan to concentrate power into the hands of a perpetual revolutionary cabal. In five short years Bush43 and Blair have profoundly changed the political climate of the world, from one of general amity lightly oppressed by the European banking powers, to one of strident regimentation and profligate mass murder. It has crept up on those who have allowed themselves to become overly dependant on the state news service, and make no mistake, that's exactly what transpires every 6pm weeknights. Now, even the most comotose brain dead media junkie is beginning to realise that all is not as it seems. It's taken 3 years, but now they are beginning to ask questions. It's not what you could call a revolution, but it makes a change from the usual empty rationalisations and justifications: so what if we lose a few 'freedoms', the government knows what it's doing, blah, blah etc.. This is the attitude that got the Germans into so much trouble. They let it happen to themselves a little at a time. And by the time they noticed, it was too late to do anything about it. Sixty years after the fact the spin machine still tells us how stupid they were. And we’re behaving just like them. Not taking the threat seriously. We have lost control of our ethical structures to clever puppeteers who are cynical about what they really believe, and as a consequence prey on their brethren for profit. We were born into the lie, that we and our government and the Banks are on the same side, and the Iraq war is just the latest expression of that lie. Those who have taken the time to research these NWO issues know that the battle being fought here goes back through iniquity and that we are just getting to the final round. Indeed, understanding what's happening today is simply a matter of linking past events with the present day, for it is the same philosophy that's been the driving force through the ages. It's 'progress' has been well documented by previous governments, and by many intellectuals of high standing, but due to the complacency of people in general, and the power and influence of subsequent governments, educational institutions, and the corporate media in particular, you just never get to hear about it. By the suppression of important considerations the true perpetrators of conflicts have molded our opinions around their own. It's hardly any wonder we keep getting more of the same. If you can get your head around it, the 'Unified Conspiracy Theory' may help foster a broader understanding; http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/hoax/unified.htm It might not account for every detail of the past, but at least it demonstrates that something is there and recognizes its predatory nature. ---
  2. Post 1991 Russian archival evidence, and Churchill's own account, point to a conspiracy on behalf of Roosevelt and Stalin to trick Churchill into the Communist territorial giveaway. It seems that Churchill was kept in the dark to a large degree, and to his credit, when he realised what the game was about he tried to salvage as much as he could. The entire affair was made much worse under the Lend-Lease Act; http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/re...ion_extends.htm , the proceeds of which were used to foment the Cold War, and the 'soon to be' third war. ---
  3. Our troops are being deployed in a Corporate war for profit. Where is the honour in that ? http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article14267.htm With respect to your appraisal, it makes no odd's who is in power, because it'll be the same old same old regardless. It is known as ‘preventative maintenance’ and is the process that takes place every few years when members of an unhappy electorate decide they are ‘mad as hell and won’t take anymore’ and who then replace one corrupt politician with his twin. The reality is that UK politics is a fixed race, and no matter who comes out on top, ‘they’ come out on top. Swapping one devil for another never cured anything. No one ever killed a snake by cutting off its tail. ---
  4. Мы говорили бы на русском языке. ---
  5. It looks like the people who control 'things' are represented collectively within a series of 'think tanks'. For example, in the US they are known as The Council on Foreign Relations. These organisations represent the imperial worldwide interests and objectives of the Anglo-US Alliance. The CFR got its initial support from the most wealthy, powerful and influential families in the United States, such as Rockefeller, Mellon, Harriman, Morgan, Schiff, Kahn, Warburg, Loeb and Carnegie, and they operate in much the same way as any other business, except that their policies extend to expansionism and consolidation on a much larger scale, ie Global. When they talk about mergers and acquisitions, they mean countries, economies and even entire economic ideologies(Communism, National Socialism). Their goal is consolidation of economic power. They regularly publish a document called 'Foreign Affairs', which outlines policy, albeit retroactively. And from time to time they issue 'guideline' statements through the mainstream media. I only mention this because you seem to equate global economic consolidations with conspiracy 'theories'. The CFR is a conspiracy sure, but it is not a theory. It is an extremely well organised politco/economic structure whose 4500+ members represent the richest most powerful people on the planet; http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?con...;articleId=4034 The primary tools available to these think tanks include Central Banking supplemental organisations like the World Bank and the IMF. These entities are nothing more than merger and acquisition vehicles that are used by International Bankers to bring about dependance on debt by enslaving entire populations under their mandate; http://www.serendipity.li/hr/imf_and_dollar_system.htm John Perkins, who was an 'economic hit man' for the IMF, outlines policy in this informative series of videos; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article15830.htm From what I understand, the Corporate vision of a New World Order is a world where competition from other economic ideologies no longer exists. If they have their way there will be no alternatives to the Capitalist system. Once all competition has been eliminated, and they have endebted and secured the wealth of all nations, they will have a free hand in the economic affairs of the world. In preperation of that vision, the 'total information control' regime they are implementing now will serve to eliminate alternative views, and provide the means whereby dissent can be quickly identified and dealt with accordingly. And to those who think this is pure fantasy, I would suggest that the populations of 1920's Russia and 1960's China might disagree. There really is nothing new here. The Corporate think tanks that are working towards this end are simply following a business model. It's just that the model is particularly ruthless and the scale is greater than your head is used to. ---
  6. Very drool. RB was refering to the American involvement in the conflict, and so I was doing the same. And as you have already pointed out, the Americans did'nt enter the fight until months after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact had been dissolved. Which made it difficult for Britain to fight on the same side as both the Russians and the Germans, against the Americans, as I already said. ---
  7. Er.. you mean tyrants of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, right ? "There exists irrefutable documentary evidence of a further role of International Bankers and industrialists in the financing of the Nazi Party and the Volkspartie for the March 1933 German election ...the evidence is incontrovertible regarding political cash contributions to Hitler at the crucial point of the takeover of power in Germany — and Hitler's earlier speech to the industrialists clearly revealed that a coercive takeover was the premeditated intent. We know exactly who contributed, how much, and through what channels. It is notable that the largest contributors — I.G. Farben, German General Electric (and its affiliated company Osram), and Thyssen — were affiliated with Wall Street financiers. These Wall Street financiers were at the heart of the financial elite and they were prominent in contemporary American politics. Gerard Swope of General Electric was author of Roosevelt's New Deal, Teagle was one of NRA's top administrators, Paul Warburg(Federal Reserve) and his associates at American I.G. Farben were Roosevelt advisors"; http://reformed-theology.org/html/books/wa.../chapter_07.htm I think you will also find that Stalin and Hitler were actually on opposite sides, which would have made it difficult to fight on the same side with them. That dick of a history professor has really done a number on you RB. Or was it the matinee at the Odeon ? I'm surprised you would even have the nerve to offer advice on a Dollar thread anyway, after buying Dollars back in 2002 at 120 ...and still holding at 82 ! WTF ?*^?? Not content with spiritual bankruptcy, it seem you covet financial bankruptcy also. Go figure. ---
  8. . "The consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival...It does not matter whether the war is actually happening, and, since no decisive victory is possible, it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is a state of war should exist. The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects, and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact." - George Orwell, 1984. The Central Banking cult is well represented in the 2% and has unlimited funds. When it wants to make us feel good, (while it trashes civil rights, or wages senseless war) it makes the market go up. When it wants to fleece us, it crashes the market. The plethora of repressive laws that have been systematically foisted upon us over the last 5 years are suspicious at best. The government has told us we need them, and so we will have them. These law does'nt just apply to criminals, they apply to us all. In my view, the easy credit boom that has fueled HPI has a purpose, just as these Draconian laws will have a purpose also. They have been enacted in concert throughout the developed nations, and are so similar in nature that we must conclude a central origin. Blair has turned to a model of governance that justifies the absolute unchecked authority of the State over the rights of the citizen. These new legislations declare 'open season' on minorities and politically dissident individuals, who are being criminalised merely for having views outwith the status quo. We are being told that our sacred rights contain loopholes by which our enemies, the murderers and rapists and thieves and drug dealers can escape, and that our juries are irresponsible and ignorant and ought not to be trusted. By aquiecsing to the demands of these criminals in government we have forgotten an important lesson from history, that when the rights of our enemies have been wrested from them, our own rights have been lost as well, for the same rights serve both the citizen and criminal. Trashing our civil rights has been made so much easier for the government through the creation of artificial wealth, facilitated through the conduit of easy credit. Our willingness as individual citizens to surrender political power to an elitist sponsored government, in return for what can only be temporary economic relief, may turn out to be the rope we hang ourselves with. The lure of the game is the attraction of something for nothing. In most cases this has manifested as exponential HPI, which induces the illusion of accumulated wealth. That is the bait. The Establishment always offers something for nothing; but that something has to be taken from someone else, as taxes or plunder, and awarded elsewhere in exchange for political support. Periodic crises are induced to whip up support for plunder-reward expeditions, and the subsequent 'protective' measures necessitated as a consequence of these actons, in effect, tighten the noose around our individual liberties. Elitist Corporations profit massively from our initiation of wars, and those actions facilitate an ever tighter control regime over us, which they use to their advantage also. Stop the circle of plunder and immoral reward and elitist directed totalitarian structures will collapse. Along with the usury debt system that facilitated their creation. ---
  9. Benjamin Freedman, who was well aquainted with these hucksters, names those individuals who were involved. Which is why I provided the links. Ask the Fed. ---
  10. First of all, I don't think that all Jews are responsible for the worlds wars, not even close. And I've said as much in previous post's. But I do think that an extremist cabal of Jewish financiers have been instrumental in providing support for these events, both financially and politically. As I said above, Jews have been victimised in these conflicts as well as gentiles, and I think that is important to know if we are to reach a collective understanding. It is clear that these extremists are fairly indiscriminate when selecting their victims, and Jews of lower social standing, if you like, would do well to realise this. That elitist Jewish interests are so well represented in financial, political and media circles is a still a glaring fact. And that can't be too good for those of us who are not. I take your point though, with regard to the extreme bias of the Jew-watch website. Perhaps the choice of a website that offered measured debate, or at least some debate, would promote a more sympathetic audience. ---
  11. Fair enough, but the idea that someone has joined the neo nazi's simply by linking to a particular website is unrealistic. Jew-watch is a testimony to it's owners opinions, not mine. In the spirit of free speech, which you yourself advocate, you may choose to disregard it's contents or not. And worrying about my credibility is hardly credible. We have'nt even met. With regards to "Jews are responsible for every major war in the last 150 years" I have found that essentially there is much to consider, simply because the financing that was the necessary catalyst in the production of these wars was unattainable outwith the auspices of the Jewish Central Banking institutions. For example, how could Germany, which was so ravished from a totally devastating war and subsequent turmoil from the Weimar Republic hyper-inflation distress, ever hope to realistically fund another war in such a broken state ? At a time when it's citizens could barely scrape together the price of a loaf of bread: And who were indebted in reparations to it's victor's into eternity ? Germany should have totally disappeared off the economical map for a hundred years after the shafting it received at Versaille, and at the hands of that enquiries predominately Jewish judicial btw. Instead, they 'magically' aquired the funds that facilitated even greater mayhem and destruction that eventually claimed the lives of 60 million tragic souls from 1939-48, Jews and all ! That funding was provided through affiliations of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York ! http://reformed-theology.org/html/books/wa.../chapter_07.htm My point is this, massive wars require massive financing. Prevent the financing, and you prevent the wars. If these merchants want to make a lazy buck at my expense, then so be it. Frankly, I've better things to do with my time than regulate global finance and politics. However, I absolutely draw the line when the profit margin becomes a killing field for political expediency. Who with any modicum of decency would'nt ? You sound more concerned with the messenger than you are with the message. It seems like you consider the risk of offending sensibilities of faith a more heinous crime than the sanctioned genocide of millions. Media ownership America; http://www.christianparty.net/mediaownership.htm UK; http://www.theunjustmedia.com/masters%20of%20the%20media.htm Governments http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/clilist.htm http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/bushlist.htm Benjamin Freedman. A very well connected Jew talks about Zionism. http://www.natall.com/free-speech/fs956b.html http://www.natvan.com/american-dissident-v.../adv101594.html Twentieth-century history, as recorded in Establishment textbooks and journals, is inaccurate. It is a history which is based solely upon those official documents which various Administrations have seen fit to release for public consumption. But an accurate history cannot be based on a selective release of documentary archives. Accuracy requires access to all documents. In practice, as previously classified documents in the U.S. State Department files, the British Foreign Office, and the German Foreign Ministry archives and other depositories are acquired, a new version of history has emerged; the prevailing Establishment version is seen to be, not only inaccurate, but designed to hide a pervasive fabric of deceit and immoral conduct; http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-ch12.html ---
  12. As unlikely as it may seem, the EU is the next step in the plan for one world government, currency etc.. We are to surrender our political, military and economic rights to these unelected officials in Brussels at the expense of our own Constitution. Some very powerful political minds are moving us towards these ends by stealth, and this 'localised' legislation is but another step towards that. The merging of the EU, Americas and ASEAN 'blocks' into a single global political structure will conclude it. This EU legislation will effectively remove these issues from public consideration, and render us powerless to stop it; http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2699800300274168460 An important part of this plan is to phase out the British Pound in favour of the Euro, and so it might be worth considering the economic adjustments involved in such an endeavour, and how they are likely to affect your own investments. The same interests who are guiding these political consolidations stand to make substantial profits during the process, so why not avail yourselves of the same opportunities ? ---
  13. To understand Central Banking philosopy is to understand Central Banking policy, which is to generate profits for the Bankers, pure and simple. The historical means used to generate those profits will reveal the moral principles of the policy. The presence of all other centralising political agenda's should be considered relevant to the ultimate process also, because in the current Capitalist environment politics and wealth inevitably share the same intrigues. That the entire affair must rely upon trickery and mass illusion to sustain itself is telling, and is primarily why it's succesful implementation had to become such a conspiritorial effort to succeed. ---
  14. "Another plank in the NWO’s grand scheme is the hoodwinking of the electorate of all countries with bogus economic statistics such as: “the unemployment rate”; “Consumer Prices Index” and “Gross Domestic Product "...the total corruption of these vital economic indicators demonstrates the extreme cynicism and moral bankruptcy of so called Democratic Governments. Furthermore, it shows how these Governments really view their citizens, and what an absolute sham “Democracy” really is. The far reaching consequences of the manipulation of vital economic indicators will become apparent as the massive debt financed bubble economy starts to unravel. Pensioners become impoverished, and savers see their savings whittled away through remorseless currency debasement. Furthermore, the majority of the wage spectrum sees their real earnings eroded by institutionalized inflation. The objective here is to increase profit margins of the multinational corporations... All these measures have not come about by accident, but are planned and emplaced by a faceless plutocratic elite working behind an elected group of corrupted marionette politicians, marketed and sold to the electorate by a syndicated and owned media system." Good article. I think he's a red pill guy, http://www.angelfire.com/az/sthurston/bluepillpeople.html ---
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